In My Dreams; The art of "envisioning" in the creation of a dream

"All men dream; but not equally. 
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find it was vanity. 
But dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.
This I did.” ~ T.E. Laurence (of Arabia) from The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

I kinda feel that God writes our Destiny but we determine our Fate. In between, we have free will but we also have deep callings, or, dreams. I believe these are inherent in humanity, as we are spurred on by our sense of Hope in our lives~like breathing, it keeps us going when we otherwise would give up and give in. 
(How hard is it to just decide to keep breathing ~even when we think we want to stop!) 

Do you ever feel like you’re going in circles or that life is passing you by,  just a blur you can’t stop to focus on? Life like a Merry-Go-Round~ the ride goes up and down: when you’re up above the fray we’re satisfied with how things are going, but when you’re down, the pressure is on and you’re screaming to get off. It’s hard to think straight, make decisions, or control direction.

So this is about keeping your eyes on the Prize (your dream come true) by catching the Brass Ring (grasping hold of your aspirations in a tangible way)~ being ready for it when it comes around again (opportunity knocking or creating the opportunity)! 
It is a way of designing, determining, our own destiny in this life; it is designing your life, and like a house, you can always re-decorate and build improvements that fit you better, best.

Remove walls if you have to.

I'll use this illustration from my own life to show how the art of envisioning your dreams works (I don’t really know how or why, and you can decide if it’s truly helpful - let me know if it is!) I think some people call it 'manifesting'...

This story is true:
My friend and I live 5 states apart and chat daily only thru e-mail (we work from home at desk jobs). Sometimes we play a little game of sorts, in which we envision some little virtual reality scene. 
It’s creative,  sometimes cute & sometimes beautiful, and it’s fun. It’s an escape into an escapade that we could never make happen in real life; it’s all a fantasy story. 
But that’s ok, because in the process we often discover things about ourselves or each other that take us in another direction or that  encourages a better frame of mind. (A great end in itself these days!) 
It’s a kind of virtual gift to each other. 

The stories evolve upon the thought of “ what if”. And that’s the point here.
As if the Universe can hear us when we voice our dreams out loud- (God is listening) - I'll elaborate this concept:
This friend and I share pictures we find online that make a statement of our mood for the day… One morning, she sent me a photo of some grand old oaks standing over a winding dirt road. It was a little misty around the edges, but the leaves were turning orange and light was streaming in through the branches - it set her imagination on fire.

She wrote about what we might have been doing in that scene if we’d grown up together and were traveling that road- stating in this fantasy visionary journey that we had horses waiting on the other side, hers a black Arabian mare, and mine a pinto (my biggest dream for the past 25 years).
Keep in mind that I had spent the last summer bemoaning my dream of owning another horse… and someone had just bought one (tall black & white pinto) up the road which I had to pass every trip into town and back, and I had a hard time driving past it without crying.

I spent a lot of time fighting back tears with silent pleas over that horse, because I envied the owner and coveted the horse, which made things worse on so many levels for me (a dream shouldn’t hurt so bad -or force one to face their ugly sides/ on their knees... right?)

But her prompting with this little virtual picture scene, to describe my “dream horse” caused me to think about it first in fantasy terms (“what if”), which caused me to DEFINE the terms of my dream horse realistically. What my true vision was. Here is my response:

“Ok my friend, how’s this?
.... The end of the road ends on a sight that takes our breath away - where golden light glows through an apple orchard! Our hearts are light as we laugh, running through the dry leaves, until out of breath. We stop to fill up the hoods on our sweaters with apples. Seeing each other panting that way just sets us to laughing again and we race each other to the stable.
There our biggest joy in life - always waiting to see us again –  a whinny and squeal to see us!  The closer we get , their heads tossing, squealing and pawing the ground, we see their perked ears, arched necks and urgent nickering. Quiet curiosity then, sniffing to see what we’ve got in our pockets!
Oh your beautiful exotic black mare, so sensitive to your moods and commands – will follow you anywhere as long as you’ve got sugar in your pocket!  She prances and quivers, ready to fly over the fields at a moments’ notice. Her halter and the rest of your tack is designed for precise action and reaction -  black and silver gleaming, it always looks brand new.
There next to her in stark contrast is my Cherihuka (oh yes, I already had a name for this horse - for it had to 'fit' my vision).
His  forelock forever unruly always seems to hang over one of his big eyes. (I would say blue eyes, but they don’t come that way).
No matter if I trim his whiskers and thin his mane, or brush him until he gleams even in the shade, he appears a wild thing: spotted in one place or another, with a blaze down his nose and feet stomping as if ready to run.
His tack is handmade with beads and braiding. Sometimes I paint figures of a kokopelli on his rump, or braid beads and feathers into his mane and tail. But appearances are deceiving! This mustang is really just a big pet – he goes everywhere and does everything with a gentle spirit. He has learned the limitations of his rider but most of all, there is a connection fostered by trust and mutual respect is apparent in his eyes.
I sure enjoyed our leisurely  tromp down the virtual dusty road this morning!”

Now I don't know if it was prayer, or the magical pull of my persistent thoughts out to the universe, but  it was not two months after this e-mail exchange (November of 2008) - that this horse was given to me out of the blue, and fitting my description to a ‘T’. He was mine.

I named him Cherihuka!

Today, just outside our bedroom window, in a corral that we built with our own determined hands (that got callused), is a beautiful spirited black horse with two icy blue eyes and a name that commemorates (to me) my own successful motherhood. (There's a background story for another time).

This horse is one more timely proof of God’s grace, that He listens, and cares. Or that dreaming causes some kind of reaction....
Cherihuka is my most enduring dream come true. 

My days are complete now, with the smell of leather and hay and I thrill to the sound of his soft nicker of recognition. He gives me motivation to rise each morning, and a reason to smile. 
He's a reminder that sometimes, if we’re lucky… real life is far better than any dream. (But, it started with a dream!)

What IF you had what you dreamed of? 
What could you do differently that will put you toward that result? Well why wait? Do some planning to do something differently NOW to push the possibilities closer to reality.
Now what will that first step be?

I advocate envisioning it!!!

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