Dreams Coming True

MORE than Wishes on the Wind

I love, I collect, pictures of dandelions. (I even have one of a tattoo on someone's leg, seeds blowing off around their calf!)

For me they symbolize a universal need: the desire to Wish. We blow their ripened seedheads into the wind with a whispered wish, a thought for a dream, in the hopes that this ritual will bring it closer and that wish will be realized. 
Dreams are a motivating force, something that drives you forward, keeps you looking forward, to push onward even thru a certain amount of angst and even pain. They allow us to stretch ourselves -perhaps toward discovering faith or gaining more faith, creating a stronger resolve, a more intense searching and honing of ourselves, to take pre-determined risks, proving our passion thru the courage to do so. Even if it is a foolish courage -and all we do is blow dandelion seeds- it's hard to NOT dream, to not consider that end result of our impassioned efforts.

Even if no one else can understand this one especially special dream of yours or how desperately you are hanging on to it... in the investment of JOY there is no better place to invest. Especially now when we are surrounded by less and less. Dreams give us something to hope for, and without Hope what is there?

From my 'Cherihuka Journal'- notes of progression on my Dream to own a horse again:
10-21-08 It just might happen!
Thoughts keep sneaking in that maybe we really aren't ready and I will lose out on this opportunity that seems so perfect otherwise. I feel sick inside, but I am refusing to cry- it ain't over til it's over!!
I know the whole country is in trouble, and I know how selfish this desire is, but I can't help thinking that God planted this desire into me- it's a part of me, the way HE made me. I know He wants me to be happy, but it’s more than that- it’s Him providing.
11-17-08 The waiting is over!
Today I look out our bedroom window to find that Cherihuka is real; no longer just a dream…my prayers have been answered and a dream has come true

Hubby had wanted to set up a greenhouse in the attic first, so that this house would be doing something to pay for itself.

But he relented.

He said it was: “for all the past birthdays”... 
I said: "it makes up for all the anniversaries too- most especially it makes up for the Top Ramen Anniversay dinner we had 2 years ago... and I will never want another thing.”

(I got Cherihuka just before winter came for good, and never even tried to get into the saddle until the next June...which is when I found out that he had ‘forgotten’ much of his early training. So, we are starting all over from scratch as soon as the snow melts again!) 

The vision of a Dream 
My Friend speaks of her yearning to reconnect with the sea:

"I would wish myself to this beach (picture not shown) precisely at sundown…surrounded by all the possible shades of blue; the color of storm clouds, swirling shapes of waves and wind beaded lovingly in blues and greens…a reflection of the surroundings. The beach is deserted, except for the sand crabs that scurry about as if they have somewhere to be, and the seabirds scavenging to the rhythm of the tide.
I walk barefooted; pant legs rolled up, wet and cool against my burning skin, bronzed shoulders draped in a soft silver Chennile shawl... searching the sand for perfect, unbroken shells and bleach-white sand dollars weathered from the sun, treasures worth more to me than diamonds or gold.
I will find a beautiful piece of sun-bleached driftwood large enough to lean against, there you will find me sitting quietly in reverent silence, watching the sunset with promises of a new day. If I stay longer the moon will follow me home and light my way like a lighthouse beacon calling for her lover to return to shore…..and I will sleep under her velvet moonbeams and dream of sailing away under blue, satin skies…”

What do you dream of?

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