To every thing there is a season.

Turn, turn, turn....

“We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.” ~John W. Gardner

...A turn of the season, IS LIKE turning the page. 
That illustration makes it more manageable, doesn’t it? We don’t have to write the whole book, or even the entire chapter, just one page at a time.
Apparently, according to Jenna, who writes for Mother Earth News (mag), I’m infected and  suffering from a newly recognized condition called... “Barnheart”! I’m laughing at this diagnosis name, but not at what it is. It’s too true.
I thought I was simply a Farmgirl Wannabe, which by contrast is symptomized by wanting to gather eggs and have a 7-day supply of cheerful egg-gathering aprons. Unfortunately, I now see it’s the pre-curser to full blown Barnheart, and I’ve definitely developed a case. Luckily, according to Jenna, there is a cure, so I just have to hang tight until I figure out how to apply that first tangible action.

Until then I’ll continue to explore the Farm Dream – and how I intend to ‘turn the page’ on my current predicament thus implementing the cure...

*1st~ I’m going to share someone else’s dream in this regard: Scroll down for the date SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2010, titled: What a girl wants...
It’s her description of the house for her extensive family, and practical additions a toward self-sustaining farm dream. (Wow, she’s got a BAD case of Barnheart!) It’s more than sweet dreams, it’s something they are planning to take actions on come June 2011.
It will be exciting to see her plans take shape over the course of time and I wish them all the luck of all the Fates, and Gods’ intervention in bringing it to reality.

*2nd~ Please give yourself the gift of inspiration by watching a 4 minute video of one womans’ FARM DREAMS in a beautiful photographic slideshow of her first year on their new farm!
go to: and scroll down to the video dated
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2010 It’s called “a year so far”. Watch the video.
I’m wiping away my tears in appreciation of seeing someone’s success at “The Dream” ... the song is perfect.

*3rd~ My expanded version of the farm dream can’t be contained in one post. I’ll have to share it piece by piece because it’s not simple, and I don’t have everything all worked out yet. And then there is the difference between practicality and true wishful thinking (at least at this point).
 I’m almost ready for the turn of the season, I’m getting set to turn the page.

Before that, each chapter must be carefully planned. I want to make sure each page that unfolds is full of manageable, practical, affordable, realistic, educational, delightful and beautiful. A beautiful life in all regards (as much as that is possible). And if I’m a perfectionist or have set the bar too high, then I’ll learn the hard way what the limits of reality are.
So be it~ this blog is about Dreaming and Capturing the Dream. [We all have our own visions to clarify and experiment with their development, we’ll all have different outcomes based on personal ability, resources, and circumstances.]

In the next post I’ll expand on my idea of a pantry. The perfect Farm Pantry. 
We’ll just have to see how closely between a dream and reality it develops!

To find out if you have a case of Barnheart, read Jenna’s article:
(Be sure to read all the reader comments too!)

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Fresh Eggs Farm said...

Awww.. so sweet! Thanks for mentioning my blog. We are so excited, after all this time of planning, hoping and seems this dream is finally coming true.
Good luck with your dreams too...