Dreaming of Romance - and 2011 painting agenda:

You may well ask, what is the reverence of 'dreaming' to someone's painting?
Well, if you've followed me a little, everything comes down to dreams in my life- it's how I look forward, how I plan for the future. Painting is something I've done all my life and even made a little income from here and there- and of course will seek to do so again. But I'm rusty... and of course, there is my little 'plan' (which is a daydream kind of dream) to create a beautiful master bedroom. 

One day last year, I decided I was tired of looking at the blank green walls of our bedroom and wanted something softer, more romantic, something special- with gold accents. Metallic gold rubbed on the walls, perhaps. Draperies, or at least sheers and large beaded tassles to drape and flow over the large window. (We have a Far View out that window, which used to look out on my horse, Cherihuka. Now it still envelopes a view that extends far to the horizon of a low-slung mountain range, with the fields of an elk farm, and all of our scrambling of mixed high desert trees and pines).

I began dreaming out my plans for a "Chambre of Gold"Because of that hell in "house modification limbo", I couldn't start purchasing things and paint the walls. (If I can't start farming or raising chickens or riding horses again, I might as well do something in the meantime, right?) But I could paint a picture...

#1 finish my version of “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt.... 
His original version (if you Google it, color hues change quite a bit): 

An homage to Gustave by Mary Barry:
(A closeup, with some color alteration)

*someone elses version using:  themselves photo-shopped

* My version (still unfinished as flowers need to be added at the very least and possibly re-do the mans whole head!):
OK it took me a year to get it finished enough for the wall (that terrible blank space in a room with green walls... which I destest!) It's not finished, but for now I'm done with it.
I do not "do" people... and least enjoyed this doing this painting! In fact, I watched the Lord of the Rings several times during the course of painting it, in order to MAKE myself get to this point.
The biggest issue was that I had too little gesso to prep the raw canvas with, so the surface is VERY rough and it absorbs paint! This makes detail work, and blending almost impossible! I'm a detail oriented painter.
Secondary was the size of it- I used nothing to measure form, and it seems a little 'off' in perspectives, but you know what? I don't care! The purpose was fulfilled, even if unfinished.

I just wanted something romantic, dreamy for the wall, and something colorful. (without a headboard, we've lived with nothing on the walls for over 5 years!)

Here are closer-ups for those of you who have made it this far:

As with Gustav's painting, every photo can take on different hues- so expect mine to be 'off', too).

There will be more color on it eventually....

But I have more plans for painting. Things I believe will be saleable in our Colorado tourist town.
I plan to paint what will fit nicely over fireplaces, rustic colors, with dramatic effects.
Here is the rest of my agenda: 
*spotted longhorn bulls amid swirling dust (one bull in each picture, several versions, some with crooked horns!)
*wild goats and sheep with wild curly hair and horns standing on ledges and edges of cliffs 
*majestic white buffalo standing in tall grasses
*hairy wild horses with ice in their forlocks, 3-D barbed wire fencing them out (or in)
*ponies with wind at their backs, 3-D barbed wire fencing them out (or in)
*pretty spotted horses with bejeweled rhythm bead necklaces, or looking back over their shoulders at you,  and laying under the sun in fields of flowers
*moons and planets in the universe with faces, expressions, that tell a story
*6th Anniversary present for my husband: an eagle in flight, looking right at you, but wings vertical - as in a turn, rather than horizontally drifting on air currents. You'll see.
*birds' nests cradling clutches of colored birds eggs 
*dandelion seeds blowing on the wind –set against blue clouded skies  (maybe)
*maybe - some "bad monkeys", a themed artistic endeavor, something simple for kids

Hmmm, maybe I'd better define what 'bad monkeys' are - like little dressed-up pirate's monkeys stealing handfuls of pirate's loot, ok?

What have you been up to?
What motivates you - what's the end result you want of that particular thing

I really want to know and would love to hear your plans!


oil painting DVD said...

Great works of art! They look really good! Thanks for the tips above this post...Daniel

Illoura said...

Daniel - I visited your website and watched only a few minutes of your featured video on the behavior of color and light on an object, and wow, you're right, I learned something!
I never considered that when shading, some areas -those between shadow and light -would have the most color saturation.
Thanks for sharing with me.

Hoveland Family said...

Illoura.. absolutely stunning and very dreamy. I love it. :) with the play of sunlight through your room... very nice. Even if you say you don't 'do' people--which I understand is very difficult -- you did so wonderfully.

PS ~ thanks for stopping by the 'virtual' hollow over my way. ;) The ducks are probably my favorite little farm creature to watch...wait, maybe it's the goats, or possibly the chickens? oh nevermind--i love 'em all! lol!