Keeping dreams golden?
Living the good life means different things to different people...
I don’t know the mindset of others these days, but my prayer list has gotten much longer …..and I’m convinced that good days will be the exception and not the norm as we look ahead.
Sometimes I lay in bed and watch the clouds floating by out my window to prove that the world is still turning.  I make myself turn then find the good – to dwell on happy thoughts, of horse trails and leather saddles; of fat hens and gathering eggs; of blank canvases and tubes of paint; of river roads and eagles soaring….and again become grateful that I am alive today.

Sometimes the struggle is hard, and dreams appear to be tarnished, and impossible (or unreasonable) to hang on to. Sometimes, that's the best way to let go- just allow them to diminish over time. They weren't meant to be. 
But often it's simply a momentary stage due to stress or fatigue, gloomy weather, or facing one particular dead end. It's sometimes good to let things move to the background, in order to determine their worth and value.
Sometimes it’s all we’ve got but ourselves -  to push, or to pull up. Keeping a job, maintaining oversight of obligations and schedules... daily life itself takes a great deal of our focus.
And so what else is there to do, but to keep moving in some way on something- anything, while letting yourself off the hook for this dream not being in the center of things (while keeping yourself open to possibility, looking for open doors to resume the dream). 

Not everything we need is practical, some things we need are unknown, and others are pure whimsy – but just as necessary. We need our flights of fancy sometimes. Just as when we were children watching cloud animals, watching dandelion seeds floating on the unseen breeze.

This is a glimpse into my whimsical self, the one that needs to create... I don’t know what nesting instinct there is for someone with an ‘empty nest’ at hand, but we all crave places where we feel safe, and places that anchor us somehow.
Perhaps this is not so whimsical afterall. 

Chambre of Gold- my Fantasy Bedroom Makeover –designed for visual serenity & a hint of opulence. 
(this is from a hotel in Sweden- but look at the wall -GOLDEN CLOUDS mural)

My first goal is to experiment with different golds and glazes, and how different application techniques look (we have ‘textured walls’ and that paint is semi-gloss. [I have many instructions and visual aids for this endeavor. But not any money yet to play with the glazes.]
Like anything else, it took a bit of researching to find pictures of each decorating aspect, to know what I really wanted. I can’t share them because they were gathered from too many sources I didn’t keep track of... you know how it is sharing images online.
I can tell you this, it meant a lot of weighing things to find something that would not be feminine, nor too masculine. I considered walls the color of the sunset. A salmon color that might change into deep coral with dusk falling... but the walls are not adobe, nor flat paint, and the physical task would be impossible; the walls go  so high that we can’t even reach the fire alarm without a broomstick. And that is still 3’ from the actual ceiling.
Also, I don't think a salmon pink is very masculine and I probably couldn't get away with it.
So this is the PRACTICAL dream.  One I can achieve when I put my mind to it.

Paint Bedroom walls (currently a soft green) – by simply adding metallic gold glaze to select walls.
Art –to use instead of a Headboard on the wall over the bed, do my own version of “The Kiss” painting – currently in progress- you can see it: HERE

Eventually... the idea is to pair plush, soft-textured materials that contrast  with soft gold metallic glazed walls... and here is the plan:

*swag drapes the color of chocolate, and large beaded tassles, over copper-colored sheers and soft doeskin colored honeycomb blinds.
* create the most luxurious bed possible.  covered in soft gold and chocolate  brown - and cream, (with blue and blue-green, accents).
 *a plush fur rug
* an overstuffed wing chair, with swirly print (I have a bronzy floor lamp to go with it- the lampshade is fawn colored with grey & white feather trim
*fringed copper reading lamps with soft light on end-tables
* gold-fringed blue throw pillows, gold-guilded books
*put up a new light-fan
*bench for the end of the bed (dog beds to go under this)
*Table to go next to the chair that will fit a breakfast in bed tray
plant stand for clay pots -for in front of the window (white glazed terra cotta pots)
*plush like-fur rug (cream or neutral natural color)
*TV stand (so I can have my marble bistro table back)[I look for pieces that tend a bit more toward the simple mission/prairie style but made of PINE with knots and woodgrain. The room will remain rustic.  It's not always an easy combination to find - especially on a budget.
*add goat or deer hide pieces as a kind of rustic valance over the windows.

To do/make:
*re-paint and then wood- edge the Wardrobe Shelves in walk-in closet (currently rough white particle board)
*Hangpottery for candles or plants, from the angled wall opposite the bed, and on the ledge between the closet and bedroom (perhaps like the ones in the master bathroom):

These holders I made with flour and salt water formed over cup saucers,  dried, then painted and added varnish to. You can do SO MUCH with that simple recipe:

       salt/flour clay hollow bark tubes for dried flowers that hangs over our dining room table

- Need to find/get:
Sheets (high thread count)
Feather Mattress topper
Duvet Cover for winter
animal hides
New light-material bed cover for summer
-and unfortunately, everything else mentioned!

The Impractical dream? Well it includes a beautifully carved heavy sleigh bed.  Maybe one day, but I can live without it.

How do you keep life good these days? What do you do, what do you plan that will make it golden?


Hickchick said...

OMG Illoura i think we are long lost sisters!! I just started reading your blog and you ARE me, creative and organizationaly challenged :) I will check in with you more often now (and please tell me more about your prepackaged rub ideas for the chickens)

Illoura said...

Thanks for spending time on my blog, Kris!
I wish I could answer your question specifically, but I don't currently have anything but the PLAN to create such things, and a few recipes set aside for that purpose some day future... recipes from the internet, lol. (It's such a great tool!)
I'm not generally organizationally challenged, except when it comes to keeping track of financial items- they have NUMBERS and numbers kind of make me feel sick to my stomach... I think it's fear. Anyway, I think I have some OCD tendencies really, because I MUST have organization. It doesn't mean that I must have a clean house though, if that makes sense. Everything must have a place and piles of mixed-up things makes my thoughts chaotic, so if things are put away there still might be an inch of dust on them. That's something I've come to grips with, living on a dirt road.
Anyway, I hope to post more ideas of all sorts, as soon as I get them 'organized'!