Plan B

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” 
- Mary Anne Radmacher

As promised, (HERE), I've thought about my Plan A, B, and C...
In the most simple form, this is what I mean by planning ahead, different strategies for differing scenarios. Imagining the best possible outcome, the mid-range possibility, and the worst case scenario, coming up with how to deal with each one.

I've chosen to forge ahead with "Plan B" because housing LIMBO, living without projects and goals, and a sense of purpose really sucks. Living a month-to-month like renting situation is really what we're doing - until we know we are not. For my own purposes, because of our house situation, this is what I've come up with:

Plan A: This is a greenlight situation-
Planning to STAY, permanently, everything going well enough to accomplish that. Gung ho and “just do it” mentality.
Just keep on plugging away on one little project at a time. (As money allows).
Making this place a dream. Everything envisioned from the beginning.
Painting my way into a beautified cement floor, seeing my Chamber of Gold master bedroom scheme to fruition, landscaping...putting in berries and an orchard, raising goats and chickens, rabbits, and having a horse... well, the list is very long.

Plan B: This is within the bounds of a cautionary modus operandi-
living within the temporary and transitory mentality. The bare minimum, accomplishing things for myself rather than TO the property. Making sure it can come with me, thinking in terms of  transportable and  temporary, or solely for profit-- painting to sell, rather than painting for these walls (no murals, not the cement floor). NO sweat equity. No investments to the property or house. Just minimum maintenance.

For instance, I’ve gotten the go-ahead for using our shed (currently filled with CRAP – like the lawnmower, and tools and tires and wires and old box monitors, a couple of junked printers, and 5-gallon buckets of chemical stuff the previous owner left behind. And old paint cans). And a lot of it is heavy. But I’ve got a wheelbarrow now!
And the shed was build on ‘skids’ so that it can be moved around. So we’ll move it from the north side, to the south side of the house (where the horse was, where the sun makes all the difference in winter time).
As soon as I get it cleaned out. And find someone with a truck willing to tow it 100 feet.
I already sourced someone to get blue cochins from. I can’t wait! (These are docile and cold-resistant, light-brown egg layers)
(photo credit Meyer Hatchery):

Now, if we move, I can take chickens. It’s hard to find rentals around here, but ½ of them are rural properties. And last year the town legalized backyard chickens anyway.
Goats and a pony might be harder, so those are on a waiting list for now. Learning homesteading skills little by little and shopping for material to sew clothes for myself, planning a pantry. Small things to practice that don’t take big investment.
The deck needs a couple of coats of weather stain, and the front door needs sanding and refinishing... but I’ll let the weeds go.
This is my current plan. I’m working on it, it’s a go. 

I’m waiting things out a bit, to see if we can go plan A.
Or if plan C comes to fruition. Give me 2 years to decide the perils of that one.

Plan C: This is where all hell breaks loose in our global economy, Yellowstone volcano blows up, or Russia starts a war with us...assuming any of those are survivable. In other words a “S**T Hits The Fan” scenario. Seriously, stocking up on ammo and seeds, and getting a guard dog and even horses... plural. 
We won’t talk about this one. It’s too harsh for now. But learning survival skills like canning, and getting canning supplies, those would be (are) at the top of the list. And a manual hand-pump for the water well – in case we would be ‘bugging out in place’ (rather than moved off property like in what happened during the Great Depression).

Of course there could be a plan D in which case everything I ever said means nothing at all. There's no reason to think about that one. 
Asteroid hitting earth, or global warming turning our atmosphere toxic with methane gas... or perhaps alien invasion, Armeggedon (and the Rapture), right? 
Like I've said, if it comes to this, then it's in God's hands. All of us would be in disbelief or shock anyway, so a plan D is really silly to contemplate. 
Unless you have a different perspective? (Please share!)

I think plans need to be practical and applicable, or they aren't plans. 
Goals need to be practical - and motivating. They need to be strong enough to cause you to follow through the one step at a time to accomplish them.
Visions will call up your passion(s) and should bring a smile to your face.

“We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities
-brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.”
~John W. Gardner

Anyone else out there got a Plan B? 

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