Slogging thru Mire (part 4 on getting chickens)

The stuff I'm slogging thru these days feels like mud but stinks to high heaven like something much worse.

The bad news: One of our vehicles decided to blow it's engine (we just drove it 5 times since replacing the transmission). It's our 4WD and we need one just in case we get big snows like we've had before and can't get out of the driveway otherwise.

The good news is that the chicken keeper will hang on to the chickens for me (8 hens and a rooster) and all the accouterments I may want (nesting boxes, etc.), and won't put them publically for sale meantime.
I hope her neighborhood chicken-killer Dashund doesn't come back.

Meantime means...? Well, we might be able to come up with income for another 4WD this month *July*, and we may not. We have to hold off on buying chicken wire and other predator defenses, because rather than use what supplies for fencing I have on hand or could get from the local breweries (pallets), it's important not to look like a bedraggled homestead, and to have the funds for more than just adequate fencing.
Sooooooo, this one goes on the backburner again.
Well at least when the time comes it will be the right time- I'll be ready.

One may start asking, when do the obstacles ever stop, but you know and I know, they never do. It's always going to be a choice between priorities.

What do you put off, in order to do what you need to first? What seems always on the backburner, getting moved to the bottom of the list, that you would like to put at the top?

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