Trudging, continued...

Updating you on the latest chicken coop FIASCO, I can say we've reached a compromise of sorts.
Maybe I'm still walking around in slimy, thick, mucky mud, but the mountain of shale is now simply a mountain of steep sides.

Whew, I think I dodged something there, and not a lot has changed- but, Hubby agreed (by default, by not saying 'no'), to let me use the shed for a coop UNTIL we get one built with pallets. By this winter. 

That may motivate a greater participation from his end in the process... but  having a coop that serves to protect my little flock from 6 months of winter and year-round predator threats, will be the same end as before.

I'm getting chickens! 

Now tell me, what are YOU excited about? 

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