Trudging Thru Mud & Emotional Quicksand

Remember last post I asked: Does it ever felt like you are trudging thru the 
mud to get somewhere on your agenda/goals/dream???

Well........I'm doing it still...anyone have a pair of Uggs or rain boots?

I feel like I'm living in a La-la Land of wishful thinking.
All my ideas are quickly sinking.

Warning, this may sound like a rant... but it's not!
It's an explanation of my frustration, simple as that. 
(We have to prove ourselves, or test the fortitude of our character, or fine-tune our intent sometimes. Anyway, that's what I think about getting thru trying times!) They do always that you can move onto better things (or on to your plans as planned).

Yesterday the people I was talking to (about the hens) came to pick up their laptop from our shop (house). I watched everyone conversing from the office window. The owner and his wife were in their truck.
Later I found out that she asked my Hubby: "Where're you going to put the chickens?" I had seen him point in the general direction south of the house. 

But THEN he came back in and recounted their conversation... He said he told them: we're going to build it ourselves. 
From pallets.

And there I go....sliding down in the mucky-mud of emotional quicksand. The little mole hill I'd whittled things down to, suddenly became a mountain again. 
This mountain  just turned into rock shards of slippery shale.

And then he says, "You have chicken coop plans, using pallets, right?"

OMG, I almost burst out crying right then! You know, after I've done all this dirty work (to clean, heft, reorganize, all that junk -and am STILL working on it)! 
I felt SO defeated, it literally felt like I'd had all the air let out of me. 
Oh Lordy, why'd I ever show him the ingenuity of others? 

Anyway, all those buildings made from pallets are all being done in the South, where it doesn't SNOW

Maybe he doesn't want to ask anyone to move it the 100 yards, or just wants to continue to store all the PC scrap junk towers/monitors/printers in there, but I'd even told him the church-lady talk describing them. 

How can he not be in love with the idea of getting them -now
Is this a man thing?
This is not going to work without a lot of forethought. 
Building from pallets was my plan A, (which was crap, since I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just one of those people who doesn't like to hear 'no').

It means multiple trips (30-mile round trips) into town to collect pallets in the back of an SUV which has slowing been blowing it's engine, and then tear them down, remove nails, build a coop FRAME, with a roof, put it up on a raised floor, insulate it (with something), put up shelves or a platform for nesting boxes. 

And of course he will not feel like doing any of that. Because it's hot. 
Because he won't have time except on weekends. Because he's not a 'handyman'. (Even I don't feel like doing any of that).
I know, that's what my farmgirl hat is for....

I'm really losing hope on EVER accomplishing this endeavor that I thought would end so simply -and cheaply

How can he rather keep a nice perfect shed for all those stupid-ugly-heavy -dirty tools he uses once every couple of years?
Not to mention the mouse droppings and other nasties that will collect in there. Again.
Who wants to even touch those tools? Of course you usually wear man gloves, but it's so dusty here it still feels dirty...

I hope I don't get the HANTOVIRUS!!

So, I completely cleaned out the utility room and under the stairs- in prepareation for all the stuff in the shed. 
I had all the cardboard boxes I'd saved for 2 years in case we had to move, outside (about the combined size of a car), and my daughter says "save those boxes, in case I'm moving". 
So I went back out to bring them back in.

Of course a boatload of Styrofoam peanuts had blown across the yard- into red ant territory. (Those giant pinchy bastards are a pain in the -wherever - they climb on you and attach themselves and don't let go!) Fortunately we don't have fire ants. But these ants remind me of Army ants. 
Pics coming on that one...

I guess that's the rule around here though.
If you want to do something, you'd better expect to have to do 5 other things first.
A 2-hour job could take you 2 days just to get to it to do it. 
You should EXPECT that by now.

But ok, I KNOW I will get chickens! 
Some things are just more of a challenge than you expect them to be. 

If it's not this summer, it will be next spring.......

So tell me, what frustrations, steps backward, or mucky-mud have YOU been dealing with lately?

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