Trudging... an update on Getting Chickens

Read this and then try to guess how anxious I am to show you actual photos of the coming hens...
I spoke with 'Amy' yesterday (the one who currently raises them), we were on a 3-way call at the time related to business (I run an appt. desk from home). Her boss was on the other line.

I said I'd been meaning to call her and get pricing and such on her chickens, and her boss chimed in: "Oh, we call them 'the Church Ladies'!", which confused me. They laughed and said the chickens are so fancy and frilly, they look like they dressed up for church!

Now I really can't wait!
If you saw the last post you know that I've got a LOT of hard labor to accomplish before I get these chickens... cleaning out the shed is only the start!
But this is highly motivating. Boy I really needed an infusion of that!

Do you sometimes feel like you're trudging through mud just to get to some benchmark of progress?

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