Trying Something Risky

Well, some people might advise against trying this, just as some people might roll their eyes in wonder at the attempt, but I want to try and hatch 2 fresh (fertile) eggs without hatching with an incubator (although I have access to one and will set that up in August). 
The camera lighting was off so you can't really tell, but one egg is a light olivey green and one is a soft tan color.
Aug. 7th is the day I quit turning the eggs (at least 3 times a day 3-quarter turns), but will keep misting their nesting material. Aug. 10th is the hatching day if all goes right.
(I don't have a thermometer to check the temp, but am going by how the eggs feel to my 98-degree hands). If things don't go right, then I have 2 eggs for the compost pile.
If things work out, then I'll have 2 chicks!
I'll post updates on the 11th....wish me luck!!

(by the way, I am calling this a practical strategy simply because sometimes you will meet so many obstacles that by sheer force of will you may have to carve your way thru it your own out-of-the-box way).

Have you taken any risks, any shortcuts, done any trial and error tests toward your dream? How did that work out? Did you learn something valuable or do you feel it wasted your time?

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Leigh said...

Hi Illoura. I wanted to drop by and thank you for your encouraging comment on my garden journal blog.

I truly hope you do hatch two chicks! My broody hen hatched two on Sunday. She was a dedicated setter. I gave her 16 more (mail order) to adopt. Have been taking lots of pix because baby chicks are so cute!