Held Together with Baling Wire

I'm no expert at being a Farmgirl, and I'm going after this dream based on the romanticized version that's been in my head and heart since childhood. Most of what I've learned is off the internet, but I have raised many animals over the years- not as any kind of plan, or with any goals in mind. This time is different for several reasons. I feel a more urgent need to have the skills, knowledge/info, supplies, and have been diligently seeking out resources/contacts/networking of like-minded people. In other words actively learning and putting together a plan, rather than just raising animals as something to do.

Currently my farmgirl dreams are really held together with baling wire....
I've actually owned a truck that had parts held on with baling wire. I know how it can be to live on the edge. 
This post isn't really about that aspect of possibilities, or about how tenuous some connections might be- and that's certainly OK sometimes. 
No, what I'm thinking of is more like getting a small taste of the reality of what is involved with playing farmgirl, in living it by the seat of your pants, in 'making do'.

The good news is: it looks like there’s no further issue with getting the shed for chickens - so I don't have to build something from scrap wood!
Yesterday when I came in from taking the trash to the road (full of old dead electonics, and empty/dried up mystery containers from the shed, etc), I came in to hear Hubby on the phone with someone talking about moving the shed with their truck or tractor. He didn't elaborate whatsoever, so I am assuming that he is wanting to move it...which he didn’t want to do before. (No telling when they plan to do this).
So, I will NOT be doing fencing this weekend, or it could be a waste of time.
 (I can't put up fencing before the shed is moved, or the truck/tractor pulling it would be fenced in and couldn't get out on the other side. 
At least he's on board with getting the chickens, even if he's doing things differently than I thought we had planned. He finally found someone to barter with is my guess- moving the shed in exchange for PC work. I'm sure I'll find out more over the weekend.
Moving the chicken house rather than telling me to build one is a HUGE step in the right direction- what I wanted in the first place.
 But.....in limbo with it until further notice.
I think everything will work out fine on this end- the journey can be frustrating at times, because ANY LIMBO is frustrating.
I don't care where the shed location is, but the south side is so much better for winterizing - as well, the area has been cleared by the horse and they can happily dig thru all the manure piles for grubs and stuff, and work it all into the ground (passively fertilizing it for some future use- like a garden area). Instead of watching them from the office & kitchen windows, I could see them from the deck & bedroom window. Much closer to hearing range when the rooster crows...
I have one House Rule: No Chernobyl chickens allowed!

Tonight I'm going to a 94th birthday gathering, and will likely pick up Chinese food afterward, but that's not guaranteed- maybe I’ll get pizza. I will go to the vet's office first and pick up the little plaster cast of Tikki's paw print that they made when we had to have her put down. Having that will be bittersweet, and I hope it will give us more joy than sorrow to see it. I can almost talk about her without crying now, but that too, is not guaranteed. She is really missed. 

Tikki Talisman 2003-2011

Tikki Talisman (our little goodluck charm)

So.....weekend plans:
I have to clean out the nasty waterfall pond again. It rains just enough to hold water, and then mosquito larva develop, and the most GIANT beetles we've ever seen - come and die in it (and other things)... blech! 
This is how it SHOULD look. (with lots of TLC):

View from the downstairs office/pantry window (just as often as birds, deer come to get water too, but they mess up all the rocks and eat my hollyhocks and daylillies...):

We have only baby toads this year to keep the water clean, and they sure aren’t any match for those beetles or mosquitoes. Last year we had a salamander - that up and disappeared after I bothered it. I found a snake skin under the rocks one year. 
So I don't really like being involved with cleaning that little pond. Even in the best of times it needs help several times a summer, and I wear big man gloves, and do as much as I can with a long-handled shop vac!!
I have tried 3 times to patch the leak (it drains about 1/2 way dry overnight) without success- maybe I'll try lining it using the painters' plastic sheeting (folded over a few times and taped into place under the rocks at the edge.)

Then I'll have to dismantle the little fountain on the deck to use that pump - since the waterfall pump completely died last year. It is much smaller, but I might get it to work if I can jimmy-rig the tubes together (one is 1/2" diameter, the other is 1.5"). 

What would we do without duct tape and bailing twine?? LOL
Isn’t that what farm life is really all about?

I think you would gag to see the waterfall the way it really is right now... definitely NOT dreamy. I don't really want to post something icky on my blog. 
This is about dreams, remember? Ok, it's ok to look at reality, as long as it isn't too gross. 
Sometimes we need to face those things, even when they are.

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