Keeping it Together

"Do not let who you are presently get in the way of who you want to be. Embrace it and let it become part of what's ahead....Being part of something outside yourself can only start if you've already made it a part of what's inside you."
 -quote by Jenna of Cold Antler Farm
 (article in Mother Earth News (Here

It's been a while since I've broached organizational topics. Organizing is like butter on toast- it really makes things go down better.

Yesterday I got a newsletter from Randy Ingermanson, writer and writing coach. Check out his really 'cool' Snowflake method!

He said:
“Your "Master Plan" list contains all the lists and sublists that you plan to do in the indefinite future, in all their gory detail. Your "To Do List" contains the urgent or
important things you're going to focus on today.
If there's one thing successful people do, it's focus.”
He developed the Snowflake Method for organizing the brainstorming one uses when writing, and he uses The Fractal Planner, so impressed with how it helps him that he’s become an affliliate.  (It’s a thought-document-task organizing tool by subscription.) 
Check out the features here:

We all know that you break things down into smaller and smaller tasks and these are steps to a bigger goal –but this method helps  keep those tasks/steps and every thought organized. is Merlin Mann's website about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work: 
Apparently even he uses the Fractal Planner. 

Me? I love binders. I like paper. A lot. Maybe too much. 
One time when the kids were younger they had a neighborhood water-balloon fight. In OUR back yard. 
And front yard.

For a week I was picking up bits of colored balloons... oh well, it's exercise, right? 
Funny me. I decided to commemorate that very fun day by making paper with bits of balloon in it. Just like people make paper with pieces of leaves, ferns, flower petals... you know?
Well I did it and it was a really fun, successful, experiment 
(if anyone cares I'll dig up the paper to show- I still have that one piece of paper somewhere)... but the point is that I like unique and decorative papers. 
And books.

Anyway, the more artful the better!
Here is the binder for keeping all kinds of tabs on my chickens and peeps!

Those monthly tabs will cover monthly care and costs and notes. 
Maybe my chickens will acquire names, and those notes will make it clear to me who is who.

De-lurk yourself and leave some thoughts!

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