One out of Two ain't bad...right?

 "At 17 days of incubation, a viable egg is totally black except for the air cell.
 It is probably too black to see movement." (source here: Robin)

For the first time I actually looked up egg candling. Duhhhhh.
Well I didn't want to know. Now I do. I know the green egg is 16 days old - it came to me still warm from the nest. 

The tan egg had a 'blob' or mass, on one side of the shell. Looks like it wasn't fertile at all.... at any rate it's NOT looking like a viable chicken embryo.

Here is the green egg- you can clearly see the air pocket at the top, and at the bottom is a little space (for the white of the developing egg, as per info at Robins' website above). The rest is solid! This means I get a green egg layer if it's a girl.... oh, and if it successfully hatches. I'm upping the humidity a tad more consistently with a bowl of water next to the egg. My nightmare situation would be the chick sticking to the shell.
One more day of turning, then I have to leave it alone and wait....... fingers crossed that all goes well and I don't kill it. I'd better get some baby chick feed today; all the feed stores are closed on Sundays and I can't always get the car before they close weekdays either. 
Due date: Next Wednesday, the 10th of Aug.
I'll let you know- or post pictures.
Now I'd better get serious about a little better container for a chick than just a rubbermaid

Wish me luck!

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