One Small Step

One of the hardest things is the frustration of waiting when you've done all you can do.
It's now August, and I've been prepping for a small flock of chickens since April.
Some things I had help with, (see: bootstraps in JUNE), and then there was a lot of piddly things, starting some fresh eggs to incubate (without a real incubator), and waiting.
First I was cleaning out the shed for chickens, then hubby wanted it back for his tools. Then he saw that his tools were safer here in the utility room of the house, or more conveniently located under stairs outside (yard & garden tools), and relented. Then when I was ready to put up the fencing, he decided my idea of moving it to the south side of the house was sound after all, and started enlisting someone with a truck to move it (who didn't show up), then someone else with a truck, to move it. Then the truck was too big to turn around in the area I had planned to put it. But yay, it's moved and the new area it had to go is even, and it looks really nice there:

Then our electricity went out. While we were gone to town on errands. So my ONE  egg went over an hour without heat. After that, I put it outside in the sun with an opaque cover so the heat would increase slightly for another hour.
I can only keep my fingers crossed now... but we shall know by Wed. (hatch date). If it doesn't hatch, I'll probably keep it thru Thursday or Friday, just in case. I'm not one to give up.
One should only give up when one NEEDS to for some reason. Reason, not feeling.
Anyway, that's how I see it.

*Update: after I got the egg heated back up... the lightbulb burned out over night. So, poor little eggy didn't have a chance. It was cold by 5am Wed. morning. I put another lighbulb in for the remainder of the day---but you know,  it didn't cheep-cheep when I called out to it. I gave up on it by noon. 

I have to say it's really hard when things don't pan out like that, when you think the odds are in favor of it, and you've been diligent in followup... you know, when you have more than just a hope to go on and it seems likely. 
I know it was just an experiment, but geez, things were really working against it. 
Do you ever feel like fate is really working against you???

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