When it FEELS like Progress

This is always going to be a highly personal evaluation, but sometimes any movement  at all feels like real progress. It renews your faith in yourself and in the whole stinkin' idea of your dream.

Here I am today without that much to show for it (as a rule, sweat gets washed away but the dust returns, so it never looks like I did much).
But I feel closer to something coming to fruition for all that sweat and dirt and the daily grind/repetitive stuff that I've had to stay on top of in the meantime.

The shed is ready (eight 5-gallon containers of paint and 'stuff' -no telling what it is- will not hurt chickens- it's too heavy for me to move it out- my neck is tight just from lifting them into stacks... anyway, on to the fencing!
And a gate. And setting up nests, feeder/water, getting feed and straw... Oh, and blocking access to UNDERNEATH the shed- since it's about 8"-12" off the ground on skids. 
That means 1000 trips down the hill with the wheelbarrow for rocks - and back up again. (Remember this is a slightly unweildy little wheelbarrow, so 'loads' of rocks means not very much). And we don't have nice round rocks. No..... they're almost all less than 2" high FLAT rocks. So I'll have to stack them! 

But some things are worth it. And maybe I'll drop a pound or two in the process. 

Update on the eggs- having not been able to take a reliable temperature of them other than feeling them, and adjusting the light every so often, I'm not too hopeful, but my daughter has had several dreams about finding chicks when she opens the door, so if that's any kind of a sign, well I'll take it!
Sunday will be day 18 and I'll keep misting them but quit turning them... and  a week from now we'll know -one way or another!

I should have the real chickens by then, so either way, something accomplished. 

What in your life is like this- an uphill battle to get somewhere? Or are you honestly happy with the status quo, peaceful in your heart that things are as they should be, and couldn't be any better?

Life plans interrupted:

Or, no pressure, content as things are:

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