My Chicken Coop

Chickens this Friday! I'm finally ready, and got the camera back...

Here are pics of the coop and the fencing/gate situations (click to enlarge if you want detail):

at the entry - a ramp with rubber doormat attached, anchored with tent pegs so it won't slip, a removable step for me

there it is, on the North side of the house

*most of the junk and tools are out


*the floor now has some spots of stuff that leaked from the chainsaws- eventually the floor will be covered in linoleum for easy cleaning!
*roosting bars in front of a South-facing window (cut and gathered from the property), attached with string, and secured to just above the window with 16-penny nails.

*the ramp and 6 nesting boxes (plastic crates with boards to help hold the straw/eggs in) 
Better picture coming when it's got straw supplied.
Those 5-gallon cans are full of paint and such- too heavy to move.

Pictures with the hens coming next! 
I'd love to see the progression of your journey- come share!

Sweet Dreams,

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