10 great goal tips - things I’ve learned!

1) Utilize pre-planning methods (lists, general notes) on your basic goals then outline the steps (detailed lists and support material is added and revision left for after the big picture is created), then set up a timeline for reaching key steps.

*draft pictures of the finished result! This works great for 3D type goals: garden planning, landscaping, to furniture arrangements, or planning your Thanksgiving Feast! Set that table, arrange the platters...then color it all in. A fun way to paste the image into your head and have something ‘tangible’ to look at while you’re waiting for it to come to fruition!

2) Do you have a background of failing to follow thru on your New Year’s resolutions?
The only way to get past that is to do something toward your goal(s) EVERY day!
Use a calendar and put some kind of action on each & every day, even if it’s just to look at your plans. Pretend you’re under scrutiny. Put a Silver star on the days that you follow thru. (The teacher is watching and grading your homework). That makes it more fun. Ha, ha, Teacher! I did it, I WIN!

*I like to make my own calendar pages- and attach them to the front of one of the 12 Folders. This is my “tick off” chart for making progress. (*For more on The 12 Folders click HERE and scroll down).

*I also like making collages of pictures and words-  the presentation of a framed collage of what I want – the end goal, motivates me!

*Before I got my chickens, I had a page of pictures (collage) to look at that motivated me to get out and move those $*!% pallets! I made a cover for my chicken-keeping Binder!

3) Longterm goals? Bribe/Trick yourself into moving ahead.  Use Gold stars, use ice cream & candy bars! Whatever rocks your boat!
Create periodic rewards at key steps along the way, or for the completion of every step ( at least in the beginning)

*Sometimes I use this method: I get to eat lunch when I finish this step (whatever it is). No finishing the step means my stomach will be growling at me! Today, I have to finish this before I can get a sandwich.

4) No accountability to help you push yourself? Socialize- use your favorite social media to update and report (after a public declaration of your mission or mandate or manifest), or just share the journey. Both will help create an accountability aspect (too embarrassing not to try –even if you fail).

*I am blogging!
It gets easier over time I hear...

4) Find yourself procrastinating? My #1 most effective trick to real productivity is to remove access to the internet (and in some cases, texting from the phone).
However, use the internet for support. Try typing in Google search: “setting myself up for success”. It’s not the first time someone considered those words!

5) If you’re stuck in Limbo (and it’s not that you’re preoccupied with browsing or emailing), it may be that you are unsure of the first step to get going, or what to do first. Go back to your goals and study the action options. Is something there an obstacle? Sometimes those steps/actions take either too much courage, or time. Back up and start with something else first – a "pre-step", to test the water, even another set of goals. Maybe you’re just not ready for this one.

6) Afraid of failing? Remember that to fail means that you tried. And there are going to be many tiny successes made on the progression to a failed attempt. Those successes are what is valuable in failure. You learned something on that journey by taking that route. Next time, you may try a different route, but you’ll take those successes with you!

*OK, an example- my first 3 years of gardening attempts here were just sad. In a word: Grasshoppers. They were my downfall. I learned to make soap/garlic/cayenne pepper spray! And, when that failed (worked for deer, but not so much the grasshoppers and too much hassle for ground plants), I practiced 'container-gardening' on the deck. Works great!
However, one caveat is spiders... and though they are beneficial, they often HIDE among the leaves... so you'll learn to wear gloves too.
*It's not scary to admit defeat, or humiliating to share failures. Think of it as a teachable moment. Save someone else the pain & waste of time.

7) Break every goal into bite-size pieces. Bit by bit, like assembling a bookcase that came thru the mail in a flat box. Slot A fits into Slot D sometimes, because Slot B slides into Slot C. Really!

8) No motivation – it’s lonely going, or it’s boring? Start a competition, or a challenge to others – get them on your bandwagon to compare notes and progress.

9) Need direction? Empty for ideas? Visit other blogs- actively LOOK for things others are doing that you like. Take notes of their ideas but fine-tune them for yourself.

*One blogger has a “Hen Cam” and a “Goat Cam”... love it! Now I want one too! (I could share my ‘bad’ non-laying chickens with my grandson!) I’ll take note of the camera placements, how they are set up, and how she ‘advertizes’ this feature of her blog, and how the cam picture is framed...  
Another blogger uses a free ‘slideshow’ to encase her photos – there are LOTS of different frames available to use, for free (I checked it out)!  
Another blogger has an app showing a bookshelf, where she showcases the books she recommends reading. Wow, that could be expanded to showcase your own books! One blogger features her own cookbooks! LOVE it!
One blogger did a photo essay of sorts: “One year in Pictures”! It was inspiring!!
The list goes on... but these are ideas whose time WILL come, if not now. Keep notes and examples (take a screen-shot of the page if you have to)!

10) Diversify! No one should be too obsessed with any one thing for too long, or put all their eggs in one basket (so to speak). Sometimes the steps have to wait for something else to happen first, you have to wait for the mail delivery, or to save up $, or maybe your next steps must be done outside and it’s been raining for 2 days. Make certain that you have other goals to focus on while you’re waiting. NO DAY WASTED!

I hope this was helpful and inspiring. If you have an suggestions, I'm all ears!

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