Homesteading on the Open Sea?

I know this is a little off the beaten track to begin with, but if you'll bear with me, I promise it all ties in, and you may be considering the question:

Dirt, or water? (This will make sense later).

For now, forgive me for explaining this with a little bit of economy-talk. (I hate talking politics, and I hate hearing it, but when it comes to the financial picture I'm afraid I can't help my fascination and the following 'horrification'). 

I’ve been reading economic news for the past year every day from multiple sources (nothing off TV or mainstream media sources - unless you count Huffington Post and NPR. Start with John Mauldin (.com) and his book “Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle", and multiple times a day to stay on top of breaking news- relevant, real, news).

*For insight, help yourself to a special video of John Mauldin, president of Millennium Wave Investments, as he gives a powerful presentation on 
This important speech was filmed at the Strategic Investment Conference 2011 and it’s about 45 minutes long. But it'll get you up to speed if you haven't been immersed in things.

My point is that after a while you start to feel like you ‘get it’; that the absurdity of our new reality is REAL - and just when you think it is impossible to get worse, (more convoluted and crazy), it begins again in some other (previously thought of as reliable) corner. There are simply no more rational or reliable corners of the world left... 

Now it is becoming more evident, and seems to be every man for himself (so to speak, meaning the Gov’t is useless to us). Perhaps one day soon enough it will really be every man for himself, but in a literal sense. As it should have been all along, but in a different way than now. (We should always have been self sufficient!)

Meantime though, there is a lot of humor to the responses to those who follow the political-economic world news, and sometimes there are grains of truth - the grains of truth hit you right in the stomach.

And sometimes too, aside from getting a good view of those who understand what’s really happening globally behind the scenes (aside from conspiracy theory)... you land on something completely unexpected.

Something that makes you stop and say, "Duhhhh".

Today for instance, I read a story about yet one more crazy bankster idea for repopulating their failing (yet unaccountably having record profits) institution with more cash. 
By making up yet one more phony money-making scheme and involving the Gov’t in it.
As Dow Jones reports:
“JP. Morgan Chase & Co. next year plans to issue the first U.S. commercial mortgage-backed securities supported by defaulted loans since the 1990s as it revives a practice that regulators used to extricate the nation from the savings-and-loan crisis.
The investment bank has approached rating agencies with two pools of distressed loans that it acquired from European banks and other financial institutions, according to people familiar with the matter.”

They are basically going to create a derivative security (fake useless asset) using defaulted loans (fake useless asset), and have the Gov't buy it. 
Those who understand such things say that this has "desperation" written all over it. And, that this would also seem to portend a tidal wave of new foreclosures and actions for deficiency judgments (on commercial, not residential loans). 

And a fair chance of Congress doing something blatantly unconstitutional to save the banks from the defective property title scandal that they created.

Are you surprised? (I’m over being surprised, but my head sure hurts anyway.)

Some of the following comments really hit the nail on the head.

Theta_Burn:  "Human adaptation and ingenuity at its best- The absurdity isn't the creation of yet another pile of s**t but that there is a market for it. Honestly i was getting worried that the Europeons were on the verge of 1-upping us on the surreal...Ok, what the heck. Game on!"

junkyardjack: "I'm expecting to get my first issuance out of Bridge Backed Securities (or “BBS”) as in: backed by the Brooklyn Bridge."

But really there is nothing new here. It's just more yachts and champagne for the banksters while the rest of us roll around in the mud they left behind (our underwater loans, unemployment, etc). All of it is legal enough to be done right in front of everyone. (It's not hubris on the part of the malefactor if the observer is too stupid to understand or apathetic to do anything about it.) Is that how we've become?

Anyway- I thought this line of logic was good.... regular readers of this stuff will encounter all kinds of sarcasm & fear-mongering... but you know, NO ONE KNOWS how bad the banks’ books really are, because they are not divulging their whole books. This means a lot and it’s worth taking note of.

And, it is becoming more apparent by the week that not one country’s Gov’t. is addressing the core issues at the bottom of the whole mess or making any changes that will stop the problem in it’s tracks- so what they are doing, bailing out these banks/banksters, will continue until there is no more to lend (except to print more money). 
And that IS what we’re doing.

The problem with that, as most see it, is that this mess of printing more cash will eventually lead to terrible inflation and deflation and ruin the dollar’s worth (no gold backs up the dollars at that point). 

As someone else said, "It's not true until there's been an official denial that it's true". 
Then you KNOW it's true. If you listen real hard, you might eventually hear those denials (like has been happening in Europe lately).

All fiat currency collapses have ended in hyper-inflation. Even then some things will deflate and others inflate. Staples and needs will hyper-inflate and discretionary will deflate. You won't be able to buy a bushel of grain with fiat but the spare TV won't be worth $5. This brings a currency to ruin, and the country with it. So is that where we’re all headed? No one really knows, but it looks likely that we're headed down the drain together. 

Once again, I'll point to someone's comments on what's currently happening:

"We pledge allegiance to America,
 and to the 700 cable channels of which it spans,
 one nation under Ben, (Bernanke)
 with poverty and delusions for all."

 And that's one more reason why my head hurts.


Yardstick of Civilization (said): "Can anyone suggest another country for me to move to, with:

1. Beautiful women

2. Opportunities to invest capital for real growth

3. A system for establishing credit and obtaining business loans

4. Good beer

? ? ? ?

If there is not one with good beer, then maybe I will start a brewery, but there MUST be beautiful women."

LawsofPhysics: "Don't know about countries, you might want to try another planet."

Cyrano de Bivouac: "I would say Singapore or Hong Kong."

Mad Max: "Try Uruguay.  Hope the neighbors don't start coveting your country though."

youngman: "Colombia.....I live there"

koperniuk666: "well my mum USED to be beautiful -and she SMELLS of beer... So you could try the UK??"

CORNGUY: "I would say your only hope is moving out to sea, in international waters.    You can choose which beautiful women come with you and you don’t have to answer to any government. You may want to put a small distillery on as well.   Too bad we can't do it yet......."

Hey Cornguy, it may be that you’re wrong!
Yes, Theta_Burn, this IS the good side of human adaptation and ingenuity:

Nooo, not launching into outer space and creating pods on Mars... 

The search is on for pioneers willing to build their own or create, build and sell... in international waters-  a seastead community – a floating city - which will allow the next generation of pioneers to peacefully test new ideas for government. The most successful can then inspire change in governments around the world.

The Poseidon Award is our prize for the establishment of the first independent seasteading community, and the seed for the world's first ocean city-state.

The Poseidon Award will be awarded to the first seastead which:
Has at least 50 full-time residents.
Is financially self-sufficient.
Offers seastead real estate on the open market.
Has de-facto political autonomy.

Our goal is to present the Poseidon Award by 2015.
The Poseidon Award will include the Poseidon Monument, a physical tribute to the first seasteading pioneers. It will have inscribed on it the names of The Seasteading Institute Argonauts -- major donors who have helped make the seasteading movement a reality.

Sooooooo, what do you think? 

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