Journaling the Seasons

Seasons of the year, seasons of life. Both are worthy of reflection and remarking on.
I'll add some pictures for interest, since my last post was all words...if you've tagged along with me so far, you deserve it!

Here we are, leaving autumn, being pushed headlong into winter. It is a season of the year, but it’s also a season of your life.

This might sound funny: I have a Hopechest for a future granddaughter that I may never have –therefore never get to indulge.
I've got boxes of dress-up clothes and dolly clothes, a pretty little china tea-cup with a sweet little silver spoon...

 (it's about 3-1/2" wide across the top)
...and silly me collecting all sorts of things to fill up purses with, like those fake credit cards that come in the mail. 
Mostly things I didn't buy and wouldn't. 

It doesn't matter! A Hopechest is for HOPE. It's a little dream a piece of your hopes for the future, tucked safely away for the possibility of something coming to pass.
Imagine I never get that granddaughter... that’s ok. One day that 'stuff' will be used in a good way for some deserving little girl somewhere in some way... at the least I will have enabled some form of fantastic imaginary play time.

You just never know. God has reasons, and plans, for our dreams, our talents, our gifts. Not just for ourselves... but to bless others with. And also, you know, he finds a way for that to happen.  When it’s time. 

It’s not yet that season for my little wish, or this little hopeful collection. 

 I think it’s appropriate to mark the seasons of the year and the seasons of our lives – in some way, to prove we went thru them, we were here to remark on them, because they were remarkable.

I Googled "Journaling the Seasons", just for fun.
This is a NEAT BLOG where she journals the seasons and gives ideas on how to get started doing it- what different aspects to look at, etc.

Others also do this, in differing ways (as you might imagine many homeschooling moms encourage the observation). One said:
“I've found that I like to document my year by the month. For each year, I journal the highlights of every month at the beginning of my scrapbook."

You know, 'nature' journals abound. Jessica even sells four different seasons vintage-looking tags for scrap-booking -or whatever. They look like parchment paper with a title at the top and notebook lines. Beneath each seasonal heading are 4 of the most typical things associated with that season (butterflies, lemonade, whatever).
They would make a great bookmark in a Seasons/Nature Observation Journal. They would make a great place for simply listing your favorite things in that season, if you need an exercise in listing things... lol. Everyone loves lists, right?

Collections of leaves, or leaf rubbings, a few special sentiments, short and sweet, or profound, just like a yearbook message, or to express the thoughts that come to you about the season passing, or the one coming on, or about the sunrise, the sunset, or the phase of the moon and how it affects you. 

A place to mourn the loss of gentle rains and dragonflies; the warm evening breezes and the softness of if a soft photo lens had been gently placed over our view of the world and will soon be removed to reveal the harsh reality of winter – the naked trees and the saddest colors of gray. A place to dream of flying south with the birds...

Tell about your favorite hot cocoa experience (the one with gooey homemade marshmallows, in the one special mug you got 20 years ago, the one where you stood and watched the snow falling when it was already three feet deep... when it soothed your nerves, because sometimes a cup of hot cocoa seems like your momma’s arms around you in the dark.)

Tell about the daydreams you had when the world outside your window was shrouded in a summer haze. How when the sun finally burned through, and the dew sparkled. Dewdrops clung to the dandelion seeds and spider webs, and looked like magic glitter was sprinkled all over your yard. How it made you reflect back in time, when you were in the 4th grade and had to walk the long driveway to the bus on foggy mornings when you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you. How you knew that monsters were hiding just out of view.

Just keep a notebook or a folder for notes, for whenever you observe or convey something of the seasons. Then later, on your walks perhaps, take a photo, or keep your eyes open to pick a flower, feather, or leaf. Do a leaf rubbing, or keep it somewhere, place the flower between the pages of a book. 

At the end of the year, purge your folder, and print out all your thoughts. (First of course, you should download some really cool fonts to print the Titles in).
Then arrange them all by season and paste them into the old photograph album. Add a few leaves, or dried flowers, and your photos. It would make a beautiful scrapbook for your personal desk or a coffee-table book, and most certainly would be something full of wonders to pass down to a future granddaughter.

People would LOVE to see the depth of your observations, to see the world thru your eyes. No one else will ever have the same views.

Tomorrow is another day - make it everything you want it to be, and find a way to pass it along.

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