View from my office window

My head was reeling with all the economic turmoil and events of the world I've been getting up to speed on...I was about to drift into despair territory (but I promised not to)... so I decided it was time to shift focus and I did a simple Google search this morning, just for the heck of it - to see the view from someone else's perspective!
What I found was astounding- there’s LOTS of sharing going on!

I’ll show you mine... will you show me yours? I'll take you on a little detour here. Lets take a peek at what others' views are like! (I encourage you to do a Google 'images' search on "view from my office window"!)

Here's a pretty scene from the office window of a Trucker (he stopped to prepare and checks his brakes before taking a long steep descent). I suppose if you’re going to do that, then you want to take note of the last thing you might see?

From the office of a disabled dog rescue – a winter wonderland under the White Mountains.

Some excitement  at the office that day: Here's a video of  a tornado from the office window!

Views from “Airline Pilot Guy”, Captain Jeff, from his office window in the cockpit -cool
(In one of them he looks sacred! That’s one sight you never want to see from the passenger seat!)
Sheesh, I just realized I did a typo and put sacred instead of scared! But you know... that must’ve been a Freudian slip... he IS kinda 'sacred'- he also has a podcast he does by himself called the Catholic Pilot- in which he shares all sorts of industry insider info., without  much of his ‘sacred’ position.

Beautiful fall NYC view – from someone who has a black widow spider avatar picture (do I say yikes! or iew!?)

Gorgeous  view- and double rainbow over boats at dock in a city on an island in the Norwegian sea.... One responder said “I would trade views with you anytime!” and she responded back: 
“Somebody did trade. This is not my window anymore.: o("

She gets to watch little baby bluebirds from her office window...

An Indie author’s view (interesting description)

Video of snow falling outside home office in the 'burbs'...

A lucky country dweller shows us her view deer in snow. 
One responder says they have a basement office in which to see “the neighbor’s asphalt driveway and the tires on their cars”, and another one commented they get a birdseye view of an industrial park (“ick”).

Amy gives us the view from her office – inside of big farm machine- a “windblower?”-in the Black Hills of South Dakota? 

And here is a Flickr group of people sharing their office window views over 450 of them!

Here’s mine today,

-although I’ve got windows on either side of the desk, this one had something other than little icicles and trees, where, if I stand up to look-  there is the eyesore propane tank, the unused particle board rabbit hutch that was moved out of the way when we moved the shed to turn it into a chicken coop- and all the scrapwood and tires... which will be dealt with some day after the snow melts, lol. So I'll stick with the driveway window...

I have LOTS of pictures of this view... some with my dog sunning himself on the windowsill, some of the deer herds wandering thru or lazing on the lawn, or of a particular doe looking up at me with the funniest face. Well I'll share them if I can locate them. if you want me to (let me know).

Maybe this hasn't been  the best post ever- but it sure gave me something else- something NEUTRAL to focus on. Sometimes that's worth sharing!

I’d love to see what your view is.

Hey, I have an idea- NEXT week we can share our DESK view (view OF THE DESK area!)

Hmm, does that give you a sudden sense of panic or despair? At least with that one, you have nothing to lose-  when we share, we can get ideas on improvements- or (in case you jumped on this idea)...complements... lol.

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