Baby it's Cold Outside! (and window frame project update)

As I've been recuperating from the most terrible cold ever, winter has made a slow progression - not much snow, but it's cold!
It's also 'rut' season.... and hunting season.
The bucks totally follow the does around like that for hours! They also make weird noises. Sometimes the does RUN from them. During rut, the bucks are dangerous.
There was a story in our newspaper of a buck that jumped a fence to gore a lab. (Labs don't bark - even the young ones wouldn't provoke anyone). The dog unfortunately couldn't be saved. 
We have a 5 mo old lab puppy right now. He is still afraid of the deer, and will generally just get up to the fence wire and silently watch them- if the does 'face off' with him (which they do), staring him down with their ears at an odd down angle, he'll run away and do circles... 

(click to enlarge if you really want to see him!) 

Some things do make up for the cold! Hot toddies, hot cocoa, hot lemon tea with honey...chai, or a perfect cuppa joe first thing while watching the colored light change on the mountain as the sun comes up, the eagle taking off for his daily hunt, and the deer wandering through. Yeah, it's nice.

And, the eagle came back! Of course you can see, he's now resting overnight in a branch that hides him from view a little better than before:
I almost didn't see him, because his head and tail just look like the clumps of snow on the trees now, but I always actively LOOK for him, and I honed in by his lumpy body (compared to the limbs).

I think you'd agree, if you could look out your window and see this every day for 6 months of the year, it would probably be worth dealing with snow and cold. 

Most of the time anyway.

So we're all dealing with some kind of weather all the time it seems these days, and snow just doesn't seem that harsh anymore... aside from having another 'dry' winter compared to normal, I simply can't find it in me to complain. (If you haven't been reading from the beginning, you probably don't know that I cried every time a snowstorm closed in, for the first 2 years I lived here! Being a girl from southern California- snow used to scare me!) 
Ok I admit I do still get anxious... !

Of course, I had to kind of trick the chickens out into it too...
a bit of straw from the coop, to look a little less intimidating, a little corn scratch... by the next day coming out was no problemo! 
But most of the time, I prefer being inside too!!
(I did scrape away the 3" of snow before tossing straw out on it).

Some weird frost effects:
(what's weird is how it's all sticking out like someone threw ninja stars!)

(view of the mountain in the morning)

 I always say: I love snow best when it's in a picture on the wall.


Here is the progression and finish of the trashed window project from my last post HERE- I have only to hang it on the wall now. (It was supposed to hang in my 'Farmgirl' office, but my husband said we needed something on the walls upstairs, so it's going in the dining area instead.):

(egg shapes in straw)

(eggs SHADED)

(all the eggs before straw added in front)

(straw in the front)

(placed behind the window frame)

(Finished! Forgive the odd color and fading- the flash overdid it)

Another photo IN DAYLIGHT, when I got it on the wall.) 
Unfortunately, the walls & ceiling are so big they dwarf the thing. 

I've added a rustic wreath (painted) and maybe later will add some hanging dried herbs....not sure whether to go 3D (real) like attached to the sides and across the top with raffia, or paint them on. I'm going to be gluing on a few MORE small feathers to the nest eggs here and there too. For now, I'm calling it FINISHED.
(where the heck is that shadow coming from??)

Now, only 2 more window frames to go... they both still have all their glass panes, so I may even add some real straw in front of the painted part ... and maybe make the eggs bigger, but that means getting their shapes PERFECT! It's not like there are abundant egg shapes to trace around!
And the chickens are still in molt, and not laying... so I can't even use a lifesize egg... oh yeah, the store-bought eggs, lol.
Shoot, I was looking for an excuse!

My ideal would be a huge white red-spotted  (to match the wall) longhorn cow–laying in a field of lavender flowers... and with very long horns tipped in black! 
Or white horses doing something that makes their hair fly... 
Something Dramatic! 
Silly me...

This is on the other wall- at least thy're cohesive in theme and they'll work well together! (Salt and flour clay 'branches' as wall vases):
I always have an eye out for trashed windows... not that I get away from here that often to see much. Maybe something from Habitat?? 
There's no reason I couldn't paint the old windows onto canvas though. It's a thought I might try.

I have to admit that even though I was sick for the past 3 weeks working on this - I finished it just because I was motivated by the Farmgirl Fridays blog hop featured at Deborah Jeans Dandelion House - HERE!

Also check out the Homestead Barn Hop EVERY MONDAY for so many others doing Farmy Homestead Farmgirl things! (See rightside bar).

I HOPE this re-purposed junk window with farmgirl "egg love" hit a sweet spot with you!

Now tell me, what do you like to do when it's cold outside and you're cocooning indoors?! 

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