Become Comfortable Dwelling in Uncertainty

“You can become comfortable dwelling in uncertainty, and take a position in proportion to the evidence, and the extent to which each possible outcome would affect you...there's no way to define a useful signal except with hindsight.”
 -John P. Hussman, Ph.D., Hussman Funds Weekly Market Comment (exerpted), Jan. 16, 2012


I don't want to get morose about peak cheap oil or the chances of possible CME/EMP or economic downturn today, but I do want to just mention that I feel an urgent need to "become comfortable dwelling in uncertainty".

This is the undercurrent to everything I do now. It's my answer to being fearful, to feeling helpless or even hopeless at times, it's my efforts to combat despair. (Action has a way of doing that. The more you can rely on yourself, the less fear you will have, and the more security.) 

That is the premise anyway. Of course we can't count on anything being certain, and of course we could never provide fully for ourselves. But even if it is a fools' errand to try, it's something that keeps me busy and is positive and responsible to do.

I don't know if I'll ever actually feel 'comfortable' (secure), but that is the purpose and meaning behind my agenda. 

I'd love to hear what you feel would give you back a sense of security. I'd love to hear what you're doing to gain some measure of 'comfortable' with the uncertainty we live with. What you decided to do FIRST...and why!!

And now I just HAVE to mention the chickens! 
(Previous blog post promises NOT to mention them, don’t count!)
My first line of defense against hard times is having chickens. 
Growing more of their feed supply so that I'm not dependent on the feedstore is another of my aims. (If I needed to let them freerange in the warm months, I could provide them what they needed in the cold months). I've got a long way to go for that. 

Meantime, while the rolling stone gather s no moss, things are going slowly here, but according to plans and season...

I’ve got a broody hen! 
Silly me... I thought she was SICK! Maybe dying!

I watched her sit in that corner, in a nest she carved out of the straw and shavings, for  a whole week. I petted her a little to comfort myself. I watched and listened as other hens vied for that nesting spot. I shooed them away after she made threatening gurgly noises.
There were never any eggs underneath her.

So I finally did a google search -"hen sitting on empty nest" (thinking at the very least it would be a bad habit or a syndrome like the egg-eating is, and at the worst that this is where hens go to die!)
I found out she was just ‘broody’. She's wanting to hatch some chicks is all...

I’m so excited, because I ALSO had some eggs I could slip underneath her...and I absolutely did this! (Jan. 28th)

[Last August, I tried hatching eggs under a lamp...not a good outcome -only one of the two eggs was viable after candling, but it was a pretty green egg! Then the electricity went out and then the bulb went out overnight.]  

It's funny, I told my husband what I did, THREE TIMES. Yet when I said it  to someone else later that day, he said "what?!" in alarmist tones. LOL
"Yes, I DID do put eggs under that hen!!"

I want her safe from the egg-eater:
*blue paint marks the egg-eating hen

Because she does get up to eat and drink. And one of the eggs I have is a GREEN one from my neighbor. 

So I cleaned out the coop and put fresh pine shavings and straw down ...  put her in the safe ‘jail’ (it has it’s own heat lamp, food and water) and just let her do her job in the nest she carved out right up against the edge of the ‘real’ nests.

Two hens used the other set of nest this morning but I didn’t get out in time to save one of the eggs. I caught yet another hen (my favorite one- the smallest and darkest gray)...
 ...EATING AN EGG! I had to shoo her away from the remains- twice!
So, I took the remaining pretty egg (we got 2 eggs that day) and slid it underneath the setting broody hen. 

THEN I added another egg later just for the heck of it! 
(Because I'm pretty sure at least one WILL BE a rooster... right?)
That's my great math logic! She now has 7 eggs beneath her:
4 Blue Cochin eggs (coffee-with-plenty-of-cream colored)
1 pretty pastel green egg
2 mystery-breed eggs (also light mocha-colored)

In a week (next Saturday) I’ll candle them all to see progress and ‘cull’ as needed. (Feb. 4th)
Hatch date, should any eggs be viable and fertile.... Feb.18th.

I hope another hen goes broody – the possibility of hatching our own eggs is thrilling, and I know it makes me a little silly.  

PS Today Broody Hen wanted outside with the others (in a bad way), so I let her out. She cackled the entire time between bites of corn scratch off the ground (she has food 24/7 available), but she seemed RAVENOUS! 
She came out all nervous-like, and kept all of her feathers ruffled (lol, now I know where that term came from!) - but only the rooster pestered her. He ran after her 4 times and they squawked at each other. I think she was making herself appear 'larger than life' in order to keep herself safe from harm and he noticed and took it as a threat.

She rooted awhile under the brush and sunned herself, but this made me nervous - I ran in and turned all the heat lamps toward the eggs, and shoo'ed her up after a minute hoping she'd go back to the nest before any other hens discovered it... but an hour later I found her back on the nest, eggs safe and sound. Lots of chickies depend on her now, but she's doing her job  -and I'm not only thrilled, but proud!

I spent some time at night getting better profile pictures of them, so I can learn to tell them apart. Fun stuff, but not that productive! They wouldn't stand still! LOL 

All this fun, and chicks coming - takes my mind off the wearying bad news of the day. 
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MarmePurl said...

Can't wait to check up on how the nest is doing! Best wishes.

Vashti said...

This post made me giggle cause I did exactly the same thing this week! My Bellatrix sat in the nesting box with no eggs for 3 days do i slipped 3 of her eggs and 3 of my little bantam eggs under her and now she is happily sitting on them. Very pleased with herself.