Spring has sprung and the weather is ever-changing, bringing WOW to the sky....every 10 minutes something different! If we'd had a normal winter then this blessing would be even more spectacular, but winter was weird again. I have come to EXPECT the unexpected.

Sometimes it feels like we're just super boring when you look in at the surface of things... 
"Work, make supper, sleep, work, make supper, sleep, pay bills, work, make supper, bills... (add: fill up the car, shop for groceries, cleaning...what else???) 

Oh yes, I know routine well. It works well, until suddenly one day - it doesn't!

I went thru a kind of existence until the twins were in pre-school (3 years!) and it was comfortable routine, but a lot of work, and I refuse to go back to that again; I literally thought I would die.

One day when the twins were TWO, I went on some errand that I had to wait in line– I can't remember back 23 years to the place... maybe an ice-cream parlor, or to get a money order.
I stood behind a couple and their twins, who looked to be around SEVEN.  I was so exhausted that I seriously felt that I would not live long enough (to see my twins turn seven). It sort of shocked me to see that someone else had made it that far, that it could be done! Tears started streaming down my face right there in public. I may even have left the place...

[When they got into 3-hour a day pre-school (with 1/2 hour bus ride to and fro!) I started a 1/2 acre garden of tomatoes, corn and beans. (I used the beans from a package of 15-bean soup, lol!) That was the BEST summer of our lives. I spent long hours under the hot sun, listening to nothing but the water and the wind and the rustling of corn stalks. Then they came home and we had so much fun playing with the water, discovering bugs, picking apricots, peaches and tomatoes... I dehydrated the fruit on window screens and we had such a harvest of beans I layered the beans in patterns of color in jars (like sand art) and was still so overwhelmed with produce I was giving it away.
Wish I'd had the internet then, so I'd have known better than to plant an entire package of beans!
My favorite picture of my son is his eyes closed while he pops another cherry tomato in his mouth, and there is a smile of delight on his lips. His twin sister was holding daisies up to her head like bows. They were so darling.]

Back on topic....
I'm not really as bored or as boring as I appear to be  - at least not inside my head I'm not! LOL
It's true though, because I have characters living in their worlds and with their lives in my head as well as my own little world in there. They have lots more going on than I do and I have to keep figuring out how one thing leads into another, how they will react and what will become of it...

And I know everyone has a vivid imagination for daydreams too! Perhaps that ability is God's most precious gift. It keeps us from insanity.
Oh I know, sometimes you would wish NOT to be able think or daydream some things like 'worst case scenarios' - or that it persuades more insanity than sanity sometimes, at least for some folks, sometimes.

Oh no, now that i have used the word "folks" I'm going to have to cut this post short. . I can't believe I did that.  Oh what it does to you to be so secluded!  It’s not like I ever HEAR that word, ‘folks’, (at least not too often). 
It's not like Texas where you hear "ya'll" all day long, or like California where you hear "you guys" for every pronoun.

Worse, how could I possibly ILLUSTRATE this post now??

When I went to get groceries I had a conversation with the new checker- a boy from Washington who has a little twang with the long ‘a’ sound as in 'bage' for 'bag'. Like some ‘folks’ say “Aeg” for 'egg'. I think I do that too! We had a few laughs at ourselves.

I recall when I was 8 I moved to southern California from a dairy farm in Missouri. (We pronounced it Missoura). “Miserble” is surely it’s origination...

Anyway, I spent the summer with my cousins and had to wash or dry dishes each night with one of them who was 9 (Mel). We tried to make it fun by competing washing and drying speeds, switching every other night (but it was a pretty lame attempt at a mundane chore now that I think back on it).

She used to tease me mercilessly about how I said “worsh” rather than “wash”. That summer I learned not to say “worsh”. She made me understand how such words like “worsh” and “folks” just countrify you.

Yep; FOLKS... is a sure sign that you are, indeed, countrified!  LOL  (did I just say indeed?) Lord help me. I'm going to just stop here.

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