Finger's Crossed...

Well it's been a while since I posted about the Coop, so here's an update skipping all the various challenges with egg-eating hens and hens molting and hens not laying and Roo not doing a great job at fertilizing any eggs that were laid.
At this point to recap, I have 7 Blue Cochin hens that are now 3 years old. None are laying, except once in a while... maybe it's just too cold, but 2 were laying every other day LAST month, so that is all up in the air. (I decided not to let it make me crazy, lol).

I have one hen that's been broody since January, even setting on an empty nest at times, and I gave her 4 chances already with various fertile eggs but when candled NONE ever developed.

I have taken enough photos of my hens now to be able to tell them apart solely by the shape of their combs, but hers is different too, in that it looks like if her comb were made of play-dough you could imagine someone smashed it down in the front and it smooshed a bit to the left. LOL
You know, I want to keep track of my notorious egg-eater (just in case that starts up again once they start laying again, right?) and of course my new fav... the broody hen.

She is so devoted to the nesting, she absolutely deserves a chickie... so I determined that if I have to I will BUY her one. 

After reading a lot I thought I'd try turning the next batch for her, and yes! it's working!
I got 5 eggs from a neighbor and 4 of them are developing, now looking ready to hatch this Thursday (if I calculated right, from Thursday the 29th of March!)

Here are the 2 best shots taken last Friday - at least you can see the air sacs:

Gotta go and turn them 2x today --and then they are on their own!!
So, finger's crossed!

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