Little Update on Chicks

The 4 little chicks (hatched April 18th) are getting used to me a little bit and I'm getting so attached.

 I went out to let the other hens out of the coop and checked on momma hen/chicks, she was dutifully keeping them warm. They came out from beneath her one by one, stretching their little wings out and flapping them as they woke- too cute! Then getting a drink of water (directly under my big head poking over their enclosure) which proves they are losing fear of me.

I went out later to get some pictures because the two that look alike are NOT at all alike anymore, now that their wings are feathering up. They may look similar on their heads but have completely different wing patterns! 

Unfortunately, Blogger says I've used up all the photos I can add (according to that automatic Picassa storage), so I cannot yet post more pictures! I had no idea there was a limit... 

Maybe that's fortunate for

I studied all weekend what kind of chickens they will turn into, since discovering many patterns developing on their wings - they will be pretty -- but no idea what kind of breed they all are, and NONE of the possibilities for that kind of chick coloring can come out of the eggs they hatched from! (Many breeds fit the way they look but the egg color is all wrong to be those breeds!) 

I can hardly believe they are still alive - not frozen to death, not eaten by my away-at-college daughters' cat (who was about to go into their coop yard yesterday!) and that they have learned how to eat and run around with no accidents (they can fly now too). They are forever flying up onto momma hens' feed dish and onto the hen's back too.
Soon I'll have to clip wings or buy some kind of net fencing... I'm afraid to let them try getting thru chicken wire.

Well without pictures, this update will be cut short for your sake... although as I said, it's probably fortunate for you!

See you down the road................

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