Purging is Good for the Soul

This weekend is about PURGING (backing up and removing PC data/pictures/ re-organizing and purging favorites lists, and paper-stuffed binders), then off with winter’s bedding and on with something lighter, out with winter coats, and in with sandals...

And with that purging comes the freedom to let go of the past quarter (because taxes consumed the April 1st end-of-quarter this year, I’m running late).

I like dividing my year into quarters- every new quarter marks the chance to renew my agenda commitments or let them go – like Hew Years’ all over again. If you don’t know me, let me tell you I love New Years’! Working by quarters makes it happen four times year! It keeps me on track. It frees me up of the bypassed no-longer-relevant to-do’s so I can go about projects that matter, like finishing up that pirate story into an illustrated book (for my grandson). It’s a change of season too.

What are your plans this weekend? 

As for blogging-as something new to do, I’m thinking about really committing to posting sky photos to their own website. Why not?  I'm always looking up, and always amazed by the sky- the color or the clouds...

If you don’t know me, I love watching the sky...
(This is a sample of what kinds of shows we get almost daily during the monsoon season of summer)

I didn’t always love it though.
As a small girl in Missouri and Wisconsin I experienced weather as some kind of horrific torrent -like an attack from the sky, in sudden downpours full of lightening- or in a constant heavy, oppressive, and lifeless gray winter sky. It was soul-crushing when dirty snow covered the ground.

Most of my life was spent in California where weather is almost non-existent, or was covered up by smog. In California the sky was so predictable- in the morning a light blue turning to medium blue, dirty around the edges... on a good day, lol. It reflected heat, not light. It made you gag and it made you thirsty. 

Going to the beach was an improvement, but sometimes, I hate to say it, the beach was lurid and sticky – crowded with people, the air muggy, the ocean smelly and seawead rotting in the sun with sandfleas and flies - and the sand too hot for feet to touch without burning... imagine all that and then add sand in your cracks for the ride home. LOL

Before we came here we went to Newport beach for a month of Sundays. It was the closest beach (a 45 minute drive on Sunday mornings, so you can imagine during rush hour...) We had breakfast at a dive in Balboa where they had macadamia-nut pancakes and coconut syrup aover bananas... yum! Then lunched at the restaurant at the end of the pier where you could see sealife swimming around (otter, seal, fish...) and people on the water going farther than the bouy’s in kayaks... whatever.
My favorite part was watching the water around the pillars of the pier change colors all day – such pretty GREENS, and sparkling like the water was gemstones.
I got a few perfect pictures to remember that one last time...

 (Gull a few moments later, same place, different angle)

Then of course, if you knew me, you'd know that I carried a fear of the night sky for over 20 years, too.  Moonless nights were the worst! 

This stems from having seen multiple UFO’s --close up-- back in 1980 when I was about 20. Some things burn forever on your memory. I never wanted to see another one, but it’s hard to NOT look for them, once you have seen them. So sky-watching was a must for a while, but not in a good way. Even since moving here 6 years ago I've found 'questionable' artifacts/objects IN my photos...that I fortunately never saw while taking the pictures... here's one:
(If you notice there is an elongated 'cigar' shaped 'thing' beneath the clouds on the rightside near the middle... I would LOVE to know what you think!)
I don't know why it came out green...lol

But THIS place is almost always wonderful -to the point where I get lost in those changing shades of blue - just standing, staring, caught up in a marvelous display of beauty in its purest forms.
I'm sure that this is not the only 'magical' place, but I have gained a constant (call it obsessive) missive to capture some of the sky’s magic. In the past two weeks I've probably taken 25 pictures of just the sky & clouds – not including sunsets.

Maybe I'll do a calendar to remember the year past in pictures:
(last touch of winter)

(spring, near the beginning of summer)

Sometimes the contrast is mesmerizing, or it’s completely gray but oddly filled with light ... I've captured 'feathers' and 'pinwheels', towering monsters and smooth obelisks, dusk, dawn, sunset, the blue hour, the stars, planets, and the moon in it's phases, or the atmosphere glowing in shades of yellow or gold to rose and lavender, and dozens of patterns of shadow and light... it is a never-ending show.
(a January sunset)
(a February sunset)
(a March sunset)

On Monday night I looked up into a black universe to see two RED stars and a yellow one - something I'd never seen before. The sky is an open book to the universe and beyond...and we are all gifted with it.

I hope your sky drew you closer to a place of wonder and awe so your mind could wander- if even for a moment, today. It's good for your soul to be lifted off the ground now and then.

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