We have a chick!

Yesterday my Dad (who is visiting) and I did everything we could think of to prep the coop for chicks hatching. I wasn't sure if they were due today or tomorrow. 

I went out this morning at 9am to let the other hens and Roo out, and then at 1:00 to check on my hen - and I heard this faint little "cheep, cheep, cheep"!!! What a sweet sound. 
I ran back in to tell everyone I know: One at least, has hatched!! 

Of course I couldn't SEE it... but I'm not going to move her and risk getting pecked, lol.
I wish I could take a picture of the tiny little sounds... oh, I hope she doesn't crush it! 

Nervousness is an edge to my elation.

-Does this make me a bonafied Farmgirl? 

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who says I can be proud of the accomplishment because I don't take no for an answer. I thought I was defiant in my refusal to accept 'no'. She says it's determination.
I like that word 'determination', but I think there's a stubborn streak a mile wide, too. I felt some pride when she said: God love you for your diligence and resourcefulness; look how far your dreams have come since moving from the city to the mountains. 

I hate to say it (sorta), but my nature is to defy the word "no" or in other words if it looks like someone or something is telling me I can't do it, it almost begs me to defy them. 

So when I couldn't get chickens, I studied up for a year and kept at it until I got permission. 
But then another obstacle, I didn't have a coop, so I kept working at that.
When I figured out we HAD a coop (it was just disguised as a tool shed) I figured out how to deal with everything in it until it was turned into a coop. Then I had to get it moved from the North side of the house so that the back window would catch the Southern sun.
Then we couldn't afford to buy chickens, so I found a barter-trade (free) source.
When they went into molt, ate the eggs, weren't getting fertilized, and then quit laying, and I still don't have the money to buy any- "can't" get chicks, just means I had to keep looking for a way. 
I got lucky that our neighbor is overrun with chickens now and had a handful of fertile eggs to give me.
(It helps to mention what you're wanting to do/get to people in passing conversation after you discover you have something in common with them.) People want to share their knowledge and experience on something in common, and to pay forward, and just have a hand in whatever passion you are sharing about. 

I just want to reiterate: don't give up on your ideals and your dreams.
UPDATED with first picture of first chick:

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