Rolling Along

I'm starting this with a sunset reflection on the monsoon clouds- drama on both sides of the sky... different every day! I guess I really *should* get myself a photo site for these things, eh? I just love the colored glowing light! It's a fair reward for enduring the bad hair days and sweating into bedtime from the

We've had another lightening-generated wildfire here, this one again about 12- 15 miles away. It's burned over 500 acres since Sunday (this is Tues) but the recent rains have helped a lot.

I *shouldn't* admit this, but I don't know what I would do if lightening hit close enough to home to see flames... the first month we lived here, a storm rolled over the top of us and lightening struck the metal chiminea in the backyard about 50 or 60 feet from the house. It hurt my ears so badly I though I would have hearing loss...well maybe I did! 

The newest good news: Last night my husband watched some documentary/special on the current problems in our food production system (new versions of genetics in crops, pesticides killing butterflies, bees, etc.), and on the mono-farming systems in place. (I didn't watch it, but passed by a few times). 
When it was over, I told him that we were going to be facing higher food and milk prices soon because of the grain crisis, and that I thought we would end up getting goats sooner rather than later out of NEED, whether he wanted them or not, if he wants to continue to eat meat & cheese and drink milk.

Then he  told me that the last job of the day opened his eyes to some "really cute goats"! Talk about a SHOCK!  All this time (at least a year) trying to convince him we need them to help with fire mitigation (a truth), and finally when he sees one for himself he suddenly takes to the idea! 
He said Boer goats -so apparently he mentioned his interest to the clients. Saying it out loud is the first step!  LOL 
I have a few papers on goats in general and a few on breeds, but I looked up Boers again - not just what they look like, but the advantages to them over other breeds. They are good for milking and for meat - and their milk has 4% more fat than other breeds so it's good for cheese and butter too (and ice cream). It would be an excellent choice. So I told him I'll start to prepare for getting some come next spring (a doe and buck at least).

Of course I'm thrilled with his getting on the same page with this, finally, but the prospect is still out of reach -since I haven't yet even had the money to start worms ($24 for 4 dark plastic bins with lids, and the worms for $10 or so), or send a package of old videos and a label-maker to my grandon in the last 2 months... I don't see how we will afford them, even if they eat weeds for 6 months out of the year. 
But, we continue to streamline and cut things in finances, so I have my fingers crossed anyway. 

On a bad note, I now have 8 hens and looks like 4 roosters (one could be a hen, but I doubt it, the tail feathers are turning into a 'waterfall'). He says we should 'process' a couple of the extras! Mm, no, there are no actual "extras"! LOL

No, I really can't. These were my very first hatchlings! I nurtured the eggs, turning them under that hen 2x a day and getting pecked to do it. Come to think of it, I also got plenty of crap on me too. I spent many hours watching them grow! (They are just 21 weeks old now). I watched each of them turn into a beautiful bird - they are still 'becoming themselves' and more beautiful each week! They each have iridescent feathers, even the brown hen and the questionably sexed Barred-Holland looking one! Their feathers are just works of art! You don't eat art!
And they are MY yard art! 

Besides, I don't think HE would want to do the deed either.... but I'm not really brave enough to call his bluff, if you know what I mean?

I candled the 2 eggs under that hen again (just to make sure...)

 You can see the air sacs and on one the actual veins and blob, lol. I haven't really examined the photos closely yet. But they ARE developing. Due the 3rd...fingers crossed! 

It's the end of a long day so I'm going to stop here. Sometimes a short post is best!
I'll leave with one more pretty sky picture I was blessed to capture... a recent morning outside my office window... 

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