A Little Thrill from Dr. Seuss

Call me obsessive, but I thought I'd share briefly something I discovered. 

Actually 2 things.

One, I can readily admit I'm a bit obsessive about taking pictures of things I don't want to forget (my memory sux...). It's too obvious that it includes documenting the ongoing antics and color development of the chicks. SO that's nothing new, we'll just say I'm obsessive, right? 

But the 1st thing I discovered is that each of those 4 chicks has feathers producing irridescent sheen
Purpleand green - depending on the light.
I actually for the first time also picked up a tail feather from ROO (the gray Cochin), which has various shades of gray- and little streaks of - irridescent green! 
I've discovered a few of the gray Cochin hens also have some little wing feathers with streaks of it. It's sooooooo cool! LOL

Second, I've discovered that my obsessive nature in documenting my experiences - is worth it.
Worth the battery costs and the time spent sweating under the sun and chasing little winged things around the yard for the right sun ray to hit just right... and then upload and edit.

"Barred" chick, "Brown Lace" chick, "Tuxedo" chick, and "Black & White" (B&W) chick--- Their colors are amazing- one has black legs, one has yellow, one has tan, and one has blue... and those patterns, wow! But finding each one carries a special sheen too... kinda floored me.

green tail feather on the Tux roo - he also has 'spotted' leg feathers
 lol - they look like something from Dr. Seuss' imagination.

green drops and feathers on the B&W chick

the barred chick

the brown chick

purple back of the Tux chick

It thrills my artistic need for 'interest' no end.

But if there is something worth getting up for, something a little indulgent or a pleasant surprise... well it makes a day go a lot better than "same 'pl, same 'ol". 

Come on, you know it's true- so I'd love to find out what about your day is worth getting up for, something lately that gives you a thrill.

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