Baby goats are cute, energetic, and entertaining.  
This "baby-goat-loves-jumping" video is so funny I wanted to share it! 

I can't say I particularly like the goats I've met, but I can't help but  entertain the thought of getting a few.  MY goats would be awesome, you see? 

In speaking from the short experience I had with them when expecting my first child, nothing could be a more annoying animal. Perhaps that's because they were very young goats and their pen was situated so that one side was the walls of the house. The constant thuds against the wall drove me crazy and soooooooo, they didn't stay long. 
For some reason they weren't located farther away from the house in the first place, but I did learn from that!

I've had many brushes with other people's free-ranging goats. Worse than dogs as you try to get anywhere on the property: lots of head-butts and generally rude assertive behaviors always ensued even if all they wanted was to be petted. 

My Dad rescued a couple of long-horned (small and fairly ugly) goats and kept them until their long lives were over. They provided some much-needed ground-keeping chores in exchange for their home, and were not overly troublesome as they were quite small (just past knee-height on a man). They were contained on 1/4 acre behind chain link.and  were fairly easy-keepers, not aggressive at all. For a time they shared that space with my horse, and rarely got in the way of tending to or getting the horse out, but I can't say exactly how that worked. I guess they were dumb, lol! 

One day my Dad was tending to the animals while watching my 2 year-old. She was chasing one of the goats and as it dodged her efforts to catch it, went underneath the horse. She followed. Dad says he couldn't do anything to stop her in time and his heart just almost stopped. But the horse was a good old boy, never jumpy, skiddish or shying.  I trusted him, even rode him with my daughter. Of course I doubt I would take that chance now! 

Anyway, back to goats...and getting a few, how do you decide which breed is best?
I'm learning a lot online, but that's the extent of my ability to decide (for now). 
There's so much to consider!

I have had the pleasure of interacting with several local mule deer (only the does) that wander through. They hang out in the yard, napping like an old cow chewing cud in the shade, and bring their fawns through, teaching them that there are always some leftover tidbits around the chicken yard (or fresh water).
Recently as I was tossing grapes to the chickens, I actually had an old doe touch my fingers with her soft muzzle. They are not too shy! I like them. 
I would like to get a milk goat I can like as much as the doe. Is that too much to ask? (Maybe it is... goats are not known for "being deer-like" in their descriptions).

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