Moving Along in Phases and MORE UFO pics...

11,000 Bees coming next Saturday! Still working on things to get ready.
Lost the large barred rock egg to an egg-eater last week, but still have 6 eggs to hatch out (IF all viable). Will be candling tonight again (at 14 days).

Here's a photo for a quick view:

Below is the video from day 7, in which the embryo is moving. You'll hear the setting hen making some clucking noises, and the flock behind me, settling in for the night, as well as my little buff orpington who HONKS, like a goose. It makes me laugh that I could find her in the dark!
NOTE, as of March 2016......though I have uploaded a video here, and it shows up in my draft, it isn't being displayed.
 I've made the usual complaint, but I can't seem to do anything about it. 
Sorry... please forgive this white space.

OK, before we get too far along, let me share some things I observed in the last week- 
a windy day full of fast-moving clouds that created curly-cues... 
I am always watching the skies, taking photos of clouds. 

I found a few interesting things in some of those photos, but nothing absolutely positively UFO-like. So I went ahead and did some zooming in on some of my other photos. (What the heck, listening to music and fighting bedtime...)

This one was the most obvious. This is a mesa, butte, or hill near the middle of Durango, Colorado:

This is the ridge to the right of that big mesa butte the photo above.  I know I really should learn the correct name of that mesa and ridge! 
Notice the lone tree nearly CENTER of the photo.. remember that tree.
Notice this photo has NO black spot on it. 

It was taken one minute before.... 
This photo (same ridge, which I have  Zoomed in a bit more on): 

 Closer still - getting a little pixelated (I hate that):

Now that makes 3 UFO pictures I've found in the past 3 years... of course, I haven't zoomed into all my photos yet, lol. 
The other two - one is a bubble-topped disk and one is a cigar-shaped one (HUGE) under sun rays... somewhere else on this blog, but I can't remember where so you'll have to look!

I can't really advocate zooming in on your photos...
It's kinda creepy, like a LOT - but also kinda fun. Kinda. In a kinda throw-up way.

Now back to life as it is lived here on solid ground! 
More news from the coop coming...

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