2 cute chicks -too cute for words!

I have to laugh when I see how cute these little creatures are. If you've never seen a baby chick with it's mother, it's a sight to behold. They know when you're looking at them. The momma hen tries to protect them from scary cameras and big human faces peering down. Then she clucks ever so softly and tucks them in with tiny pecks in the air around them, as they vie for space in her feathers and chirp teeny sounds (not like you imagine like with older chicks). 
Just so stinkin' CUTE!
 (getting all 3 to keep from moving for a whole second might be asking too much)

We did lose one red chick to smash... so sad. Thankfully momma hen never knew it. Thankfully we were blessed with more so that we are not left empty and grieving or having to buy them at the store... 

We also got our bees. After 7 years we took the plunge and got lucky. Wow what a different kind of experience and set of challenges!

All I can say is that no matter what you see or read or hear, I think it's like walking blind in a forest, yet exhilarating too. You become immediately protective of the hive queen - everything depends on her and so much can go badly/wrong.
Oh yeah, after so many years in the weather, the paint is peeling on the hives. Too late to do anything about that- but it works ok for now.

Today I'll just keep things short and sweet... sometimes it's good to stop at what's good and look no further.
But I'll be back...and no promises then.

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