Last Minute Easter Egger Chicks

Since my only green egg layer was killed in early spring (after laying a total of 8 eggs...4 of which were last November...), I finally broke down and got 2 EE chicks (about 2 weeks old). I got them for $2. each (because they were $3.99- but I got one for free - it is worth talking up your local vendors.):

They look pretty yummy.....
I think it's pretty late in the year to be starting chicks generally, but without a mother hen for warmth, these are in my office for now, and it stays about 80 degrees in here all day and night! (I have a heat lamp but don't need it). 
My dog stares at them 24/7 unless I pick him up to move him... he's in love with chickens.
They always want to see what he's doing too!

18 female chickens now... (counting the 4 young ones) - and one older roo. That's enough.

Funny how some amounts are too many and some are too few... for instance it's not quite enough to have 2 of something and 6 is just to many, so if you go with 4 you feel 'just right'.

It's too warm in here to write more, lol. 

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