100th post! And Update (part 1): We up and moved! Minnesota, "don' cha know"!

Yep, we took the plunge and left the state we worked so hard (for 10 years) to move to.... 
from a country lane in a valley at the foot of the Rockies, to the heart of real Farm Land.
We're temporarily living at the edge of a small town - in city limits. Ugh. 
But on the other hand, there's pizza delivery! LOL

But right here in this little spot, if you look straight ahead, or straight back, the views are great! There is precious space.No, no mountain view, no valley view, but tall green trees and green grassy fields. Haven't seen that green in over 10 years (I'd have to go waaay back to the Megatropolis. Those were the days before the lawns succumbed to the new Mega Drought).

But it's green everywhere here....
A grass field and where it's mowed are sections of the city's community garden plots. ($15 for the season for something like 12'x12' square of garden dirt and free use of the hose.)

Some of the grass -on the other side of those garden plots -is not mowed...
In some places it stands 6' high! And I saw a young skunk going into it. LOL

 But many nights there are FIREFLIES dancing over the field!

 I know, farm land is flat - no trees (except wind breaks), right?
Well, the farm houses are all surrounded by layer upon layer of established trees. Those are surrounded by flat fields. But here in town, each block has a row of towering elms, maple, and flowering trees. There's a heavy population of birds and squirrels... and other wildlife. Deer, skunks...

On mornings when the sun is allowed to shine through, are sights to behold:

Of course things are different here. So many things. 

One day,  there was no way to discern where the sun was all day, nor if it were lunchtime or growing late.....(that song I always hated, "Does anyone really know what time it is?" occurred to me).
The light was a diffused and gloomy. It was an ugly, white, pasty, sky. It was the same all day!

Nothing moved all day.No gentle breeze. No clouds skittering past like smoke signals. No red-breasted robins hopping around.  No cheery light at all. Oh my eyes!

In Colorado, people would give directions like "at the stop sign go east". If they did that here, you would not know which way to turn! (Actually the phone GPS SUCKS because of that!!!)

It was turning into a lonnnnnng day! I had to stay busy so I wouldn't notice - but not too busy, because it was also humid. Blah!
I called family, who are all now so much farther away, and then comforted myself with freshly baked cookies. Then we sweltered until the next storm rolled through. Luckily it was not too long!

I marvel at the difference of these normal spring rains compared to the ones I grew used to in Colorado.Here the rain can go steady for hours! And the thunder ROLLS... on and on and on, like an echo through a cave. The lightening mostly stays up in the clouds.

Not the frightening angry strikes that came with monsoon storms, but not the towering thunderheads that reflected sunlight in colors either.

I miss the blues right now... Colorado Blues!

But I'm not singing the blues here... 

In the back is more green. (Not one yard has sprinklers!)
And I'm attempting to grow veggies that can tolerate deep shade. (We're talking less than 1 hour of direct sunlight!) It will be an experiment for sure... after 2 weeks of this, the onion stalks already look like droopy green onions.
Here is my little plot (12' x 20'?)

You can see that there are MORE tall trees shading the back side of this property... but through the trees is a great view....
The little house there is really a normal-sized 2-story house, but from this position it looks like a country schoolhouse in 1880. 
The light plays across the field during the day, and the mowed path makes it look so quaint - tho' that may be hard to see in the earliest light:

While transplanting seedlings today I made a discovery in the dirt; I've seen 'tree frogs', but this is the tiniest toad I've ever seen -  this one was under half an inch. Sooo cute (for a toad).

The other day I made another discovery in the dirt. I had a momentary panic attack... but
NO it's NOT a tick! It's a mite, one that eats 'bad' garden bugs!

So that's part one of the update! 

I quit for today because blogger is not responding to commands. 
And my afternoon cup of joe is ready.
See you soon!

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