Cusp of Winter

It 'tried' to snow a few weeks back- tiny round snowballs barely visible, dashing around in the air but never hitting the ground. And they say on the news that we've had unseasonably warm weather since then, and it's about to end, back to normal 20 degrees colder.  
I'm resigned to the normal being 20 degrees colder than what I'm used to, no matter what.

I have to admit, I never quite feel 'ready enough' for winter, though I learned to endure it back in Colorado. How could I fear or loathe it, when the clouds rose away to reveal scenes like this...
And looking at pictures today from winters past, I saw evidence that we had 'unseasonably' warm winters there for a few years too. I sure adapted to that - and got spoiled to it! (And there was always something special happening in the sky...) 
 Last winter brought the elk down from the hills, and in that windy valley we moved to, they stayed around even though snow wasn't an issue... another special treat - since we missed having the mountain view, and the tall pines and eagles there. 
I saw there were a couple of moose in the river in downtown Durango this fall - and big black bears all over the place! I guess we missed out on that, and the big toxic spill that turned the river yellow. (Just to show you it's not all perfect, lol). Who knows what the El Nino will bring to the Southwest this time around. 

Seems like a toss-up no matter where you are these days anyway. 
But here we are... a total of 161 days so far - and whatever Winter means here, we'll find out soon! 
Meantime, I'm starting to get into 'winter mode' and get my fingers into gear for all the projects planned to get through it, no matter how cold, dreary, and long, winter ends up to be.

Here's winter project #1 (practicing)... 
Hubby's 2 hydroponic pipes full of tender lettuces (at 3 weeks) that we already harvested, feasted on, and shared...
Taking advantage of one of the extra grow lights, I started those green onion roots. Oh, I found out that they are only known as 'green onions' in California... I guess I should rightly call them 'scallions', lol. 
Has it been three weeks already? Here are the first 2 coffee cans started then, (though they were in the dark for the first 3 days), and another 2 cans in the back, started a week ago.
Because I love scallions! 

And in the effort of my fingers learning how to use paints again, here is my latest painting effort. It wasn't as fun as I thought it should be... the flowers are real and were pasted on (flowers I'd dried over the summer, but were so faded that I painted over them). The focus is a little blurry, darn it... but here it is:
The grass turned out well! The clouds not so much... I guess I'm not so big on scenery pictures.
But it's not time to quit, I started another one already.  

Another challenge, because it will include lots of feathers... but I am missing having chickens, so it's a way to bring them -and some cheer- into my life right now. For ME, it's a way of envisioning the future, and I need all the encouragement I can get! 

Oh, I found a way to cheat, lol. I'll get it done more quickly via a 'mixed media' artpiece.
You'll see when it's done...

And I have BIG plans for a big art piece to showcase my farm dream... a visual map of a distant fantasy (because I really have only a mustard-seed of 'hope' left these days) but it is still a useful thing to imagine where you want to be in 5 or 10 years, and it's still something to get up in the morning for. All hope is not lost, just covered up with the struggles of transition... right? I've said all along, one gets no where, if one doesn't strive for something.
It'll be a while in the works, but I'll share that too, when it's finished!

Tell us, what YOU are striving toward - what you get up for? I can't wait to hear about it! 

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