Winter is only 1 mile long...

 This picture speaks an entire chapter to me... 
It speaks of a time (now or in the distant past): "All is saved- you just have to get there. Hope is only 1 mile away." 

 1 more mile...

Hope is a place though. And at one time, someone decided on that name. Or perhaps the name just stuck from someone's experience...

 It's interesting to learn how of the names of prairies got their names (at least in Illinois, which is called 'the Prairie State'.) I always thought it was Minnesota because of Little House on the Prairie... but I guess not, lol. 

I did learn that the state bird of Minnesota is the Common Loon (a very cool looking but red-eyed duck bird.) 
I really thought the state bird might be the Mosquito... I guess they just aren't big enough.

I learned that when the mosquitoes are gone, Jack Frost comes around...
The artistic effects of frost is different every day! 
Sometimes it looks like feathers, sometimes like unfurling Jurassic-age ferns... it's pretty and interesting! 
And it's a sign of how cold it is.

This is a window in the garage that faces south, but since there are trees everywhere, (even though their branches are naked), it's not until very late morning that direct light hits it. 
On days when the sun comes out. 

Then it sparkles with colored light for about 10 minutes before melting. 
As interesting as the frost patterns are, I'm grateful for a pause in Winter the last couple of weeks- we got snow, but we got up to 50° a couple of times too! 

Just the week before, I was searching for something of interest on my walk, and found squirrel prints... Tazz, mine, and a squirrel. They look like little hands- and I guess they are!
Little hands to dig up the acorns under the snow...

We have to get our walks in before it gets dark, and dark falls fast!
And it gets dark at 4:30.     
And then It can look pretty... 

...or pretty eerie. 

You know WHY I'm always watching the sky... but I guess I also obsess about what the COLOR of the sky is, and whether the weather is in the process of moving in or out, and from what direction the wind/clouds are coming from. 

That's how I internalize my directional situation as well as my place in the bigger world 
(My newest quandary here: where is south when you cannot see the sun ALL DAY LONG because of the white haze)?!  

Those lights are from a mysterious factory that blows smoke sometimes, even throughout the night. But I never see any sign of people. In fact, it looks like it should/could be an ABANDONED factory...
No one loves the place anyway: many of the external walls are smudged with black and green from neglect (if not actually crumbling), and have mis-matched siding materials- even different colors. It's UGLY.
And of the rows of windows- many are completely missing. 
(Don't they pay for heating?) At least it isn't a dead factory, whatever it does.

And just this side of those lights are train tracks. With an eerie whistle and it often runs at night. About the time of the local corn harvests it was so heavy and slow that it shook the floorboards. 

And while nice in summer, all those tall trees overhead are now exposed - all the naked, sharp, branches seem to scratch at the sky when that frigid wind comes through.

You think I am pointing out the bare limbs scratching skywards? No, I just got bored on my walk and tried to find something of interest to take a picture of!

So you see why I seek out the rare powder blue and periwinkle blue skies. 
Something CHEERFUL!

On our walk today, I saw Miss Bunny climbed up a tree, the better to see something...

Silly rabbit -She saw that that there is still a spot of green grass left. 
The last of verdant color... like a jewel in the sun.
Miss Bunny is quite rightly worried that it's about to get zapped by Winter. 

I said it was true, that patch of green has no hope of making it thru winter unscathed. 
But then I said it should be reassuring to know, there IS Hope on the other side...and Hope is not far off, because Winter is only 1 mile long.

1 mile to Hope.

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David The Good said...

Beautiful. I've never been in a place that had serious winters or frost... amazing to see the window patterns.