A Farmgirl Dreams & Is Not Carried Away

Nobody trips over mountains. 
It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. 
Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.

Many years ago I started this blog, to document my thoughts as I developed a pathway to my dreams. Maybe they would always be implausible. Maybe it would help if I better defined them? Maybe sharing the journey would be therapeutic, lol. Maybe someone else would get something out of my progression. Or my failures. (I certainly intended to!)
A taste of Spring … the world suddenly came to life for a couple of days. 
Two days of glorious walking weather and blue sky, interrupted by the honking of small flocks of returning Canadian Geese. 
The grass is growing up now, and open spaces are decorated by a busy squirrels, rabbits, vast spaces of green strewn with puddles, surrounded by creaking frogs, and a scattering of hopeful robins. 
Even the wild daylillies are peeking up from the ground (4" high spikes). I was sure I'd killed them when I transplanted them... joy, joy, joy (even though I DON'T LIKE ORANGE).
                                                                       (last fall)
 Then came one more week of big fat flakes of snow, blowing down sideways, and more of those howling, frigid, winds. White skies...again...

Impatient, we tended to our garden in the basement: 
basil, rosemary, lettuces, and scallions... and some different carrots -  a red carrot and black carrotsand we bought a package of ever-bearing strawberries to try out in the hydroponic towers (or something). SURPRISE! inside were 24 strawberry plants! 

Soon, even more things will be going ON: 
potatoes, sweet potato slips, tomatoes, bell peppers… Good things that need a little TLC to get started early. Things we’ve never done before, or done this way before.

Olga's Yellow Chicken is a slightly egg-shaped tomato I can't wait to try. To me it says bright and cheerful things, which would be wonderful about now, when Winter still has a stranglehold....
Every day, a little bit of something. Even if it's just ONE LITTLE THING, it's a good thing.
It’s all part of a plan… I don’t just hope, because Hope is not a good strategy! 
I don't just plan to bloom, I plan on turning the petals into wings, (because all dreams want to soar).

Like anything that seeks to soar, you must have wings to take you there. Without wings, there is no flight. Structure gives us those wings.  

 --paraphrased and rearranged to suit my application, (originally in a different form and context from Larry Brooks: of Storyfix.com).Thanks Larry for continued inspiration.
(I'll get started on that book again, soon!)

***Just a note, if you haven't been following my blog very long... 
Truly, as much as I would like to focus on the pretend world of a story, one in which I get to play god with all the lives, even the weather in it... I can't focus on stories until I have real life in hand. 
That means a measure of security thru growing food. These days are just too uncertain.

Right now all the necessary pieces are in a scattered pile to sift thru, like sorting out mixed puzzles with their pieces on the floor- just waiting to assemble; it's my task to figure out a way to get them all put together right. 
I am stating now, that the pieces will take a different form than the ideal I had at age 4, or 12... or even now. But I am arranging the pieces. 
When they are scrutinized, lined up and moved into place, they'll create a 'big picture' that works! And not everything will be needed for a long while, but when it's the right time, IT WILL be ready.

This week, my small things seem insignificant or like I'm wasting time on them.... 
But because I have a plan, it's like a blueberry pie is chock full of tiny berries...I know that they will all ADD UP to a much bigger thing as a sum of the parts.
I plan to bake it with a sugar-coated crust.
And I plan to get a big juicy slice of it!

I'm actually speaking of practical things.
Here's one example....I looked at future seed-selling. It's actually a good way to make a good return for your time and efforts tending plants.

So I took a little time and focused on "the perfect seed packet". Seeds in cute packaging, viable, untreated, whole seeds, acclimated to the short growing season and weather elements of zone 4. 

(As someone whimsically observed: “A seed is a tiny plant, in a box, with its lunch.”)
Doesn't that make you smile? 

How about this for something whimsical and guaranteed to make you smile,,,
Source: lalaloopsy etsy

What kind of planning do YOU engage in?
Do you get the results you want?

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