Dreaming Little Dreams

Drafting the Plan

Dreams don’t come true – dreams are made true. - Ken E. Knight

My little dreams include having blue egg layers again, and having a HUGE garden.  
See, pretty small. Not too much to ask. 

But sometimes life throws pebbles in your pathway, and sometimes the pebbles seem the size of boulders. Or maybe they are ice pebbles - slick and rolling underfoot just like marbles, so you simply can't gain a firm footing. 

The grass isn't just greener on the other side, the fact is there IS grass on the other side... and your feet are burning. There is only hot, parched, dry-packed dirt on your side of the fence. 
Oh yeah, and some goat head stickers too. 

Standing there in stark reality, bites. Staring down an inaccessible path (that you know leads to greener pastures) can lead to Despair. A sense of defeat. 

How do you make progress on a path that seems blocked? 
You have to go around...
You have to find another access point.
You have to move your feet

You start with where you are, and what you have. Maybe at this point all it is, is determination. Self-determination. Determine that you WILL do something. That's first.

Then, you can weigh the pros and cons of moving left or right, or backing up a step (to take a running leap). Or just take one step in ANY direction.
The view will be different from there. You can see everything in a different light. You may find that you aren't stuck after all - that the path you saw was simply not the path you were seeking. It was closed to you, because it wasn't FOR you.

... a little light, a little opportunity that wasn't visible before. 
Maybe you'll see a crack in the fence post that didn't show from your previous position. Maybe it will open right up with a little help from Mr. Crowbar.
Maybe you'll see the water puddled there at the base of the otherwise impenetrable fence... and a little push with your big toe will show how weak that link is. Maybe you'll see how easy it is to push from here.
Or maybe you will walk the fenceline because nothing is evident yet.
Move on, explore a little, and experiment.
Moving is the first step. Move somehow, somewhere, something. 
Change the view. Mix it up. Change your routine. Crack the shell of your comfort zone. Take one step that deviates from the norm and see where it takes you.  

It's cozy, safe, warm, here in the nest waiting. 
But then it's time... you have to take a leap to learn to fly.
Do you have any little dreams that seem impossible? What's holding you back? 
Lets discuss!


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