First Harvest & Weird Weather

Our first strawberries... yeah, just two. It's our first try with them, and hopefully the start of something successful we will continue. Unlike the big hard berries that are often white and tasteless and harder still in the middle, these are tender and sweet, and taste just like strawberries! They are the 'everbearing' kind that blossom and produce all season (or continually in the grow room), rather than the 'June-bearing' kind that has one "all-at-once" harvest. 
They also shoot out runners, which can be rooted to create a whole new plant. Yay, more for free! (Not counting the fertilizers, filtered water, water pump and  grow lights and heat if needed...)

I know, it's only ONE bunch ... but it still counts! 
These are the TOPS of about 3 dozen or so scallion roots that I had in that coffee can all winter (and was harvesting once a month- even though they were more 'chive-sized' than onion sized). 
Since they will grow over and over again from the same 1/2" root base, I've grown to be really fond of them! 
This was at the end of January this year. 

A little plant-talk (background): I started overwintering them several years ago, when I had a south-facing window, then planting outside when the snow was gone,  they would thrive in the heat and grow big again! They do a little better under grow-lights and kept at 65°-68° (like a basement with some heat blowing in), than they do next to a window when it' below freezing on the other side of the glass and the temps fluctuate a lot (like from your wood stove being fired up in the daytime). 

Anyway, this is a fun 'herb' to plant- they only need about 2-3" of soil. I don't worry about drain holes at the bottom. The soil dries out inside pretty quickly, and they drink a lot! 

It's really nice to be able to snip a fresh bunch when you want it, all winter long. 
Even more, when you live with snow and bare naked trees... it's good to see greenage!

And speaking of weather.... this is what my hubby drove into on the way home today....
I am positive I would've gone the other way.
He lived in tornado country for 35 years and NEVER saw clouds like this. And those blue clouds are just weird. He said it seemed eerie like another dimension trying to break thru.

I have only ever seen these cloud rolls on youtube - they are being seen all over the world, and are apparently a new strange phenomenon, because the people are amazed, alarmed, or awed, but they are not only stopping to observe and film them but then uploading them. 
Have YOU seen this cloud formation before? 

So, I have another question:
Would you rather live in blue-skies-forever Southern California, 3 miles from the San Andreas... and wait for The Big One (that the scientists now say is locked-and-loaded, and long overdue)... or in a place where you get to see something new in the sky every day along with fantastical weather? 

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