Egg in a Nest

an empty Robins egg I found at the edge of the road last week.

I can't express what eggs symbolize for me. Not really.
I love the shape of eggs, the textures of the color on shells (some eggs are matt and some are satiny), and the colors- white, cream, almond, pink-beige, blues, browns, terra-cotta, sea-foam green, olive... even the ash-black eggs of the Cayuga duck. (The eggs start out a matt black and lighten as the season progresses to a very light gray). 
*The ducks are black? but the feathers have a green sheen - like a big beetle in the sun. 

Eggs are all wrapped up in their own package, like a little gift. 
Eggs = life.
They provide a complete protein that will enable you to live. 
Or a chick will hatch from it. 
The chick may lay more eggs or become a luscious dinner (or three...).
Eggs are associated with newness, and beginnings - like Spring time, and Easter. 
Those things are joyful . 

Then there is the nest one finds the eggs in (unless they are duck eggs, which I just learned may be laid about anywhere a duck is walking around).

Nests speak of 'home'; a space of one's own that cocoons some part of life, protecting it from the bigger world. Nests are MADE for that purpose - you can't just feel at home any 'ol place. Or maybe you can if the pieces of it are arranged for your comfort. Just so.
I've watched my hens toss straw around to that purpose, before they lay. (It's pretty funny since the straw pieces just fly over their shoulder).

Home is created by a labor of love, with some amount of passion toward comfort, and need of function, and an eye for making belongings fit together aesthetically. Sometimes it takes many years til you make it fit your life just right

Bowerbirds have THE MOST interesting nest-building technique - the male builds it alone (on the ground), and goes to the limits of decorating it, in order to attract a female! I think that's a hoot! See what you think: 
The Vogelkop Bowerbird: Nature's Great Seducer - BBC video

Then life circumstances or priorities change and the nest needs to be reorganized or refurbished to fit again. As in when the kids leave 'the nest', and you become 'an empty nester'. Or some other transition.

I have found that it takes me a few months to feel at home in a new place, but it might take a whole year to know where everything in a new home is- where everything is in it's BEST place. That is a very very long time! I'm not sure why it takes that long. Maybe it just takes going thru all 4 seasons to know where things need to be.

For some reason I have to learn the weather patterns to feel completely at home. I need to know what to expect and from what direction, and when. To understand what's normal there.
The first thing to know then, is what direction the house sits, which windows catch the sun's arc across the sky. I need to understand it's position to feel oriented.
And it's important to know what direction the winds blow from too. 

I wonder how other's adjust to a new house/environment. 
What finally seals the deal in their ability to call it home? 
Is it just a matter of adjusting to where the light switches are, so you can flip it in the dark?
Is it having a place to put everything in it's place (rather than perpetually stored in a box)?
Give me your thoughts or experience on this!

I have a very small collection of nests, feathers, and most recently the empty Robin's egg, that I found. 
The TINY nest pictured (on top of a larger nest) is one with horse hair woven into it.
I've shared before, how I let my beautiful horse, Cherihuka, return to life within a herd of horses, where he would be happier. My heart wept when I saw how happy he was, getting into the trailer to leave me. He knew. But it was as if he had been my prisoner for a time.

Yet he was the fulfillment of a dream for me. At least for that while... and somewhere on this blog I've described that moment in a lifetime. 

The nest I found with his hair in it, was after he was gone. I  was out one spring day after the winter snows had melted away, and there it was, near his long-empty corral. 
Strands of hair from his black tail and mane were woven throughout the tiny nest. How could I not treasure it, and find joy that a little bird made use of his hair? (Cherihuka's tail was so long it brushed the air of the ground).

I truly believe that animals come to us when we need, them or they need us. 
I suppose the opposite could be true, but it hurts to lose animal friends, for whatever reason. If it doesn't hurt, I think it's safe to say they weren't your friend... and that's ok too; help in a time of need doesn't necessarily mean 'hugs and kisses'.

I also loved having hens to tend. 
Every day discovering a new clutch of eggs in the nest... filling the laying boxes with fresh straw, fragrant hay and dried grass... watching the hens compete for the same nest... Watching the broody hen set on her eggs...learning about the new chicks.... I even loved learning to manage relationships with my roosters. The roosters were my favorites!

I mourned many aspects of them though, from 'culling' extras, to natural death of the old one, to re-homing one.
It's very risky to hatch eggs - because you may end up with 50% roosters. Then what will you do with them? Their lives are in your hands!

Chickens are a wonderful experience with infinite lessons ...and a good amount of entertainment. 

To me, having chickens = food security. 
*It's not true, if you depend on a feed store to maintain a flock of chickens. In the west you need a large patch of garden area and plenty of water. 
But that fact doesn't hamper the impression I hold that chickens equal security.
It's NOT economical to keep them, even year-round layers. It costs way more than buying eggs in a carton. I'm working on the feed aspect, before I get chickens again. I am learning how to successfully garden here first. 
Then I need the space for them and the coop... and finally the hens. And a roo. 
I can hardly stand to wait! 

So, I am painting eggs in nests. I don't know what it is symbolizing, or what it's saying. I just know I need to do it.

I planned out my future kitchen area- the wall colors anyway. And the art for the walls. Even the frames and colors. I was pretty sure I want is some luscious pears and apples, and beautiful eggs in nests. 

EVERYTHING in the future kitchen of my dreams revolves around eggs, and eggs in nests paintings. I even know the salt & pepper shaker, the colors on the walls, even the picture frames that I want.
(America Retold, salt & pepper shakers, on

My most recent egg-in-nest piece, in progress........

Next time... the finished picture, I promise.

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