Course Correction and Reboot

Wow. It took MONTHS to post that last post (it sat on the PC while I gathered myself together).

                                               The world turned sideways....
You know how it is when you’re drunk, and the world becomes upside down and sideways, and everything is just too fuzzy to focus on? .....

Then how you have that hangover where you find yourself Zapped and devoid of anything but the urge to puke your guts out?  .....

Then you remember bits and pieces of when you were reeling drunk- and you can formulate enough regrets to last a lifetime (because it has really been a lifetime)?

Well, I’m pretty much through all that now, and on to the next phase. The one where you swear off ever ‘drinking’ again!!!

Yeah, I’m definitely for sure, forever + 4, NEVER getting on that horse again!

I’ll just stay up here on my own high horse and view the world from up here.
Where I am untouchable.

Yeah.  The course-correction-life-reboot phase.  The one where you realize you have been royally knocked on your ARSE and never want to go thru that again, ever!

I am seriously fortunate I came away in one piece. Whew, it was a close call there for far too long.
But it’s Spring now, and my head has cleared up and I can breathe again (if you disregard all the allergy effects).

Point is, I have found that I can walk, and my footing is firmly on the ground.

*I mean it’s Spring by the calendar – with the constant continual weather weirding, who knows what season it really is anymore?

Some days are ‘sunnier’ than others... the way of life (even from up on a horse) is that storm clouds still bring a drenching icy rain (or 16” of snow...  hopefully I don't run into any more of that white shit they told me might be here). LOL

But I’m more OK than I was. I am as OK as the next guy. Maybe even more OK.

I try to avoid the lowest common denominators of life (complexities, you know). But you are only guaranteed your last breath..... your last heartbeat. All there is in life is 'now'. I’m going to make the best of it before I get to the end.

So much of our lives is wasted on what was, what could be, what should be, what might be, what will be if this and that and those, work out in this and that way...

I’ll try to stay in the here and now and not worry about the past -or a future I can't fix or escape or control.... 

No, I’m not always successful, but that is THE HORSES’ FAULT! 

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